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Thank you to my Friends!!

Operation, “Cheer M’Chel up!” Appears to be working!! and it’s so nice of ya’ll!! Hugs!

Wow! 20 + emails


asking for more info on the e-cigs. okay. Here’s a pic of the pack open, which you charge the cigs in the pack, the USB or wall charger connects to the pack. There’s a little spot on the bottom of the pack. Then there’s a light on the side, when the light goes out, the cigs are charged.
Inside the pack, there are five slots for your cartridges. And two spots for the e-cig.
The picture shows the pack open, and the cig broken into it’s two parts, the smaller part is the flavor cartridge, you screw into the larger cig part. there are videos on the web site. I’m sure the ‘professionals’ can explain this as well, if not better. lol

anywho..hope this post answers your questions. Easier to reply to 20+ emails this way. Thanks for reading!


Smoking; trying to quit, or save some moola


I have recently switched from real tobacco, to e-cigs.

I was able to buy and try a disposable Blu. One cig is equal to one pack. And omg, this one cig lasted me for a week. So if the cig was $13. to try, and I didn’t buy a pack at all last week, I saved $22. and didn’t miss the feel of holding a cig, or puffing away. What I didn’t miss, that is no longer an issue; the smells, the ashes, the accidental burning, having to freeze in the cold outside.
And a lot of friends that are allergic to cigarette smoke, they noticed I wasn’t stinky. lol 🙂

So far, this experiment is cool. It’s just educating ppl to the fact, that they aren’t ‘real’ cigarettes. I probably won’t be smoking in a theater any time soon. But when the craving hits, I can go into a bathroom and puff. lol reminds me of high school. only now, no real smoke!!

Now then the start up cost of this is comparable to a carton of smokes. But…the price of disposables could get really expensive. So just swallow the cost, $50 for the start up kit I bought. You get the pack, the chargers; both wall and USB. Yeah, you can charge your pack, as you surf the net. lol And in the starter kit, you get a couple of different ‘flavors.’ I like the cherry. There’s Menthol, regular, Java Jolt, Vanilla and the cherry crush.

Where this could get expensive, the cost of the replacement cartridges. However, sign up for the email newsletter, and you might get some deals-from the web shopping, or coupons for the stores that carry them. For me, Meijer and Wal-Green’s sell these.
As far as the cartridges go, Wal-Green’s sell out of the Vanilla quickly. Thankfully there is an internet site, with the capability of ordering online. Delivery looks to be within 2-3 bs days. But check it out.
Blu Cartridges

so if you’re looking to quit, I don’t know how well this would work…but if you’re looking to save some money, while you are still smoking, tired of ppl telling you ‘you stink’ or tired of going outside and freezing….switch. I’ve already figured out how much moola I am going to save.

now if only I could get a good deal as a sponsor of them. lol 😀

Yay for co-writers :D


I love writing. I can do it most anytime. But I’ve come to find out, that it is more fun, and sometimes the conversations are more realistic with a co-writer. Thank you Google Docs for real time writing with a partner. No more waiting on email replies.

yesterday was not the best day, and I wanted to write….my co-writer had the option to go out with real people for real social interaction. He decided to stay home, and write with me. aww! HUGS! and it worked, cheered me right up.

I write for lots of reasons, number one, it’s therapeutic for me. Number two, I have an active mind, that needs an outlet. Otherwise, I have stories that are stagnant in my mind. Now…I have an outlet for these ideas.

the original post on this I was working on, will still be posted, just not this weekend.
cause with a co-writer, there are other writing issues…any who, that post will be later. Right now, I’m just really happy that he’s writing with me. lol I still feel bad, but then again…I feel better. I
didn’t mean to be greedy, but I am. lol

thank you Stig!!

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