That are also my friends; I have writers, artists, and quite the mix in my friends!! And I’ve decided to highlight some of them. Up first!

A writer that has his first book available now;
Brad Bosshart is a multi-cultural science fiction writer. He has 3 short-story anthology e-books available on Amazon, ibookstore, Lulu, and Barnes and Noble. He lives in Pittsburgh with his son and very understanding wife. He wrote his first sci-fi story in third grade and has been writing since then.

The books:
What do a psychic doctor, an ex-Marine cab driver, a bounty hunting ex-biker, a wealthy policeman, and a hybrid human oceanographer have in common? The are the Bolivar family, expert crime fighters of the 25th century. Their adventures take them from the encapsulated Luna to a partially terraformed Mars, the watery planet Oonstodi, and many other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy.

links to books: