it’s let’s review App’s day! woot! */*

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Hello my fellow iPhone/iPad/iTouch users. And a special Thank you, to my baby Bro, for introducing me to one of the coolest, awesomest app around.

Yes, it’s that Cool!! And if you like FREE! Who doesn’t like FREE? this app is Free and gives you daily updates on what app’s are FREE! so woooHOOOO! 😀

Appsgonefree yes all one word, I found out. And everyday it gives you a new newsletter of which apps have gone free, are free for a limited time.

This app; Appsgonefree ***** (that’s five stars) because it will give you iPhone/iPad/iTouch apps. So be sure to d/l this on your other devices as well. FYI!

now then, what app’s have I downloaded since I got this?

Well there’s the Doctor Who Maze, while I’m not much into games on my devices, while waiting in the waiting room of the immediate med this weekend, it was a nice distraction. The graphics are good, the game play, not so much. so for me ** out of five.

And speaking of cute distractions, I downloaded the Monster High Ghoul Box, with a link to the episodes. 🙂 okay, I am a MH doll collector, so take this rating as I’m slightly biased, *****.

And on today’s free list of apps, I downloaded two of them. Doo- a two do app that takes, text, video and photo. For someone like me, I like the ability to record my to-do’s and even put a photo in. Doo **** for it’s functionality, so far.

The other app was ArcFrame, an interesting little framing app, that can accomodate more than one pic. I did a quickie this morning, and customized the background. for Free, definitely a good deal!! ***** I’m always looking for new ways to frame pix, and on the go…definitely 5 out of 5. The customization is a key feature for me. The ability to do more than one, two or three pix is also a plus!
I have to change the format from bitmap, to jpeg later, and then I’ll post it. 🙂

Lazy Sunday

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well not all that lazy…I’ve done some more cleaning/organizing. Until my body said “I’m done!” while I love the change in season’s, my Fibro has a small problem with it. And lately it’s been focused on my lower back, hips, knees and ankles. So I’m in bed with my legs propped up. 😀

As I mentioned yesterday, when the hub’s is hurt he likes to do some shopping and I don’t mind.
We went to the mall, to walk around for some exercise. While I was in Hot Topic, he went into the bookstore, and picked up the new Yasmine Galenorn, Otherworld series for me. Shaded Vision. oooh!! 😀

available Now (digital/hardcopy):

And then, we stopped at Target, woot!! He surprised me with another goodie for my collection: Sweet 1600 Clawdeen Wolf

And today, he brings home this sweet pressie:

He has people looking for these for me too!! so now to post the next one’s I’m looking for.
Clawdeen and her little sister, Howleen. awww, looks familiar. LOL

I’m also going to be looking for Robecca Steam

and OMG! Toralei Stripe aka the were cat!! “Where oh, where are you at?”

and now to go write… I love writing!! And it’s very good at helping me to ignore the pain.
OOOOH, Fish & Chips for dinner, and Moose Tracks for dessert! woohooo!

omg and it’s not me this time…


so, I didn’t write last night, because the hubs had a freak accident. And instead of paying Emergency room prices, which I was willing…. we did home treatment last night. Ice, ibuprofen, tape and elevation.

Hubs had a freak accident last night, the wind has been really bad here, I’ve almost had my hand or my leg smashed by my car door. But nope, Hubs beat me to it. He was getting out of the car, when the wind blew and smashed his hand. Good news, the whole hand isn’t broken, just one finger, and it’s broke in two places. uh yeah!

We took him to a doc in a box today, my term for an immediate med center. And they x-rayed it three or four times, there are no casts for a finger. It’s in a splint, immobile. See I did just fine last night, taping it to keep it immobile, ice to stop and reduce the swelling, elevation to also reduce the swelling and ibuprofen for the pain.

After the doctor’s visit, and oh a tetanus shot just in case… we were on the road to pick up a prescription. And we decided to go to our favorite Chinese Buffet, Teppenyaki. I heard from an older Asian friend that wonton, is more effect then chicken noodle soup. I happen to agree, but then I love wonton soup. Hubs actually enjoyed the food today. Normally, he’s not a big Chinese food fan. But he really enjoyed some of the dishes that were out today. And no, no weird octopus. If anyone wants to see what my baby brother, got last time, I’ll post the pic, yeah, my baby brother is weird. But I love him.

so anywho, below is the pix from last night, and then the final look today.

Ya’ll be careful. Watch your hands! The wind here has been very bad. And now you can see what happens. OUCH!!

From last night, and the tape job. lol

And from today, in the splint.

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We recently took a day trip to the largest Chinese indoor mall in North America –  Pacific Mall, to check out all the nail goodies they would have. The trip did not disappoint!  There were a ton of things we haven’t seen at any of our local beauty supply stores and we stocked up on 3D nail gems, new nail art brushes and some unique appliqués (score!). We may of shown a tad bit of excitement when we found the nail art used in today’s tutorial and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Today’s super kawaii nails are as girly as can be, just how we like it.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with 3 coats of Essie – Splash of Grenadine. We never get sick of this colour – a part of their Resort Collection, this magenta pink polish has a unique…

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aggressiveness vs assertiveness


Let me start this semi-rant with, I was a Girl Scout.

now then, I am standing outside before work and I wave at a friendly person that is turning onto the road near where I’m standing. When all of a sudden there is a loud horn blaring! And this person is gesticulating wildly in the van. First, they were doing at least 50 in a residential area, and then…on the side of the van is painted “Buy the Freakin’ Girl Scout cookies!”

uh, yeah! I’m not buying a box of cookies from any troop in this area NOW! not with a woman with an attitude nearly crashing into someone that was 1)doing the speed limit, 2) used turn signals, and 3) pleasant enough to wave at someone.

People there is a HUGE difference between assertiveness, and aggressiveness. In my opinion, I’m an assertive person. Aggressiveness is rude, obnoxious and overbearing. Case in point…when I did stop at the local Wally world, it was to maybe buy a box of cookies-read above- I was a Girl Scout. But then $3.50 for a box?? uh no thanks! but then the girls followed me in the store and was unrelenting, “Why didn’t you buy a box?” “Are you unAmerican?” “What’s wrong with you?” “BUY OUR COOKIES!”

Yeah, that type of behavior is uncalled for.

I will be buying a few boxes of GS Cookies, but not in this area. I mean, really? If a person says no, thank you. You let them go. You DON’T follow them then into the store and start being rude. Yes, that behavior is NOT Cute! That is RUDE!

You know, this year, I might be donating more money to the local Boy Scout troops, I’ve volunteered and worked with them in the past too. They appreciate it when you say no thank you, because at least you acknowledged them. And if I don’t have the money to buy the popcorn, or whatever, when I come out of the store, I donate the change I just received.

See Niceness does pay!! Rudeness gets ignored. I don’t know how many times, I’ve said it… “Honey draws more bees, than vinegar.”

anywho…later…and for the weather watchers, it’s ucky outside! Rainy, blowing winds and yet, it is warming up. I’m waiting for the high of 55 degrees. Now if only the rain would stop. 😀 I know, it’s good for the flowers that will be blooming soon.

Welcome to another Wacky Wednesday…

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This morning started out, just fine, except for the soundtrack in my head.

for some odd reason, I had the smurf’s singing their theme song, “La la la la laaa la la la laaaaaa” Yeah, that got annoying fairly quickly. Intro some more caffeine, and viola, it shifted to a nice classical…well I like it. “Night on Bald Mountain” see wacky, right?

and I just checked my email inbox, and woohoo, my latest think geek.com email has arrived, and oops. dangit! I found another item on the must have list, but no. Really, for a chronic pain sufferer this looks awesome.


and a video! The kitty sings…awww!

I’ve been good. LOL 🙂 I want the soft singing purry kitty!!

MY Must See Movies! lol


with the awards shows around the corner, and my type of movies never get a nod…but hey, I’m okay with that! I’ll keep going and watching my geeky comic and scifi movies.

uh yeah, you can tell I’m a geek girl, huh? And I found some other trailer’s, however, I really don’t believe that they are “official” I wish on a few, especially the Godzilla one!! RWAR! lol >.<

Surprise Bouquet



Isn’t it pretty? Cheers me up! 🙂

is it really Tuesday?


First; To the nice gentleman with manners on the rain soaked street, thank you for not splashing me with the muddy water.

Second; to the dude after him, that swerved to nail me with the water…Dude, Seriously? (Sending Karma after him)

And that’s right, non-Indiana people, it’s rainy and blowing this morning, with a chance of getting up to 40 degrees today. Hey, Spring is on the way!! And one of my colleagues gave me a bouquet of flowers. How sweet is that!! Well after seeing me drenched with muddy water, I think it’s pretty awesome!! 😀

for all the rude people, there are NICE people!! As I told someone yesterday, sometimes you have to squint to see the silver lining.

Have a great day! Peace

Happy President’s Day!

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Came into work over an hour early to do some paperwork, and the site I need is offline?? maybe it’s taking President’s day off. sighs….

hopefully it comes on soon…I don’t need to back up on paperwork.

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