it was crazy busy with me yesterday…

and by the time I went home, oy! I just wanted to soak in a hot tub, OOOOOH Bubbles! and then play some Sims on FB, and write.
Well I got to play the Sims and write, two out of three is good! lol 🙂

today, so far…so good! Yay, Tuesday.
I have special training on Thursday, and then I get to go home after the training, that’s always a good thing to look forward to. 😀 Saturday, I think we’re going to Teppanyaki’s for a combo birthday lunch. Hub’s b-day is on the ninth, and my nephew’s is on the tenth. So we usually combine them on the eleventh. lol

And I’m still organizing at home. I know, I know, I really need to. Just that while the spirit is kinda willing, the body just does not want to cooperate at the mo. Between the weather appearing to cause major Fibro Flare ups, then we get my migraines and other issues in the mix. I just wanna lie in bed, and go “Stick a fork in me!” So not me. You can speak with my friends that know, I’m not good at relaxing in the bed. Hence why I have a laptop, but I’ll still sneak out to the main comp to do some digital artwork. The laptop is hard to calibrate for my digital palette. To explain in simple terms, the colors are off when I paint on the laptop. It doesn’t appear to be at the time, but they are. oy…. 😦

and woo?hoo? Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Yes, I love Val-day! but… I don’t look forward to all the flower deliveries in the office, just reminds me, I’m not getting that. I do get other things-as you’ve seen. But…notice, I bought them for myself. so… I’ll probably work on some cute Valentine cards I found on Pinterest. Yeah, Pinterest. 🙂 Told you that would become a minor addiction. I’ve been re-pinning, like a Boss lately. And have even uploaded some cute pix myself.

Did anyone know, that there is a breed of Pomeranian mixed with Husky. OMG they are so freakin’ cute and adorable!!! I want one! lol They are Pomsky. aww, even the name is cute! lol I’m so silly. 🙂 Good website for more info: Pomsky
How could you say no, to this little adorable face??