I love writing, doodling, and my love of miniatures…oh just wait till I get that post done. 🙂

but for something different to do for your loved ones, or friends like me, that love to write.

Here’s something different, and the artisian crafts these by hand!! So beautiful!


forgot to mention the important stuff; $$. $15. for the journal necklace, $3 for shipping to the United States. 🙂 so total $18. Really a good deal, cheaper than a dozen of roses, and will last much longer as well. 🙂

I love shopping on Etsy, much nicer service. One of my orders came to me with a hand written thank you card, lovely watercolor design on the front of the card. And some little peppermints. I was touched! So I ensure to pass it on, and let other’s know the joy of shopping on Etsy! give it a try!! but watch the reviews, much like on eBay.