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We recently took a day trip to the largest Chinese indoor mall in North America –  Pacific Mall, to check out all the nail goodies they would have. The trip did not disappoint!  There were a ton of things we haven’t seen at any of our local beauty supply stores and we stocked up on 3D nail gems, new nail art brushes and some unique appliqués (score!). We may of shown a tad bit of excitement when we found the nail art used in today’s tutorial and we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Today’s super kawaii nails are as girly as can be, just how we like it.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails with 3 coats of Essie – Splash of Grenadine. We never get sick of this colour – a part of their Resort Collection, this magenta pink polish has a unique…

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aggressiveness vs assertiveness


Let me start this semi-rant with, I was a Girl Scout.

now then, I am standing outside before work and I wave at a friendly person that is turning onto the road near where I’m standing. When all of a sudden there is a loud horn blaring! And this person is gesticulating wildly in the van. First, they were doing at least 50 in a residential area, and then…on the side of the van is painted “Buy the Freakin’ Girl Scout cookies!”

uh, yeah! I’m not buying a box of cookies from any troop in this area NOW! not with a woman with an attitude nearly crashing into someone that was 1)doing the speed limit, 2) used turn signals, and 3) pleasant enough to wave at someone.

People there is a HUGE difference between assertiveness, and aggressiveness. In my opinion, I’m an assertive person. Aggressiveness is rude, obnoxious and overbearing. Case in point…when I did stop at the local Wally world, it was to maybe buy a box of cookies-read above- I was a Girl Scout. But then $3.50 for a box?? uh no thanks! but then the girls followed me in the store and was unrelenting, “Why didn’t you buy a box?” “Are you unAmerican?” “What’s wrong with you?” “BUY OUR COOKIES!”

Yeah, that type of behavior is uncalled for.

I will be buying a few boxes of GS Cookies, but not in this area. I mean, really? If a person says no, thank you. You let them go. You DON’T follow them then into the store and start being rude. Yes, that behavior is NOT Cute! That is RUDE!

You know, this year, I might be donating more money to the local Boy Scout troops, I’ve volunteered and worked with them in the past too. They appreciate it when you say no thank you, because at least you acknowledged them. And if I don’t have the money to buy the popcorn, or whatever, when I come out of the store, I donate the change I just received.

See Niceness does pay!! Rudeness gets ignored. I don’t know how many times, I’ve said it… “Honey draws more bees, than vinegar.”

anywho…later…and for the weather watchers, it’s ucky outside! Rainy, blowing winds and yet, it is warming up. I’m waiting for the high of 55 degrees. Now if only the rain would stop. 😀 I know, it’s good for the flowers that will be blooming soon.

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