so, I didn’t write last night, because the hubs had a freak accident. And instead of paying Emergency room prices, which I was willing…. we did home treatment last night. Ice, ibuprofen, tape and elevation.

Hubs had a freak accident last night, the wind has been really bad here, I’ve almost had my hand or my leg smashed by my car door. But nope, Hubs beat me to it. He was getting out of the car, when the wind blew and smashed his hand. Good news, the whole hand isn’t broken, just one finger, and it’s broke in two places. uh yeah!

We took him to a doc in a box today, my term for an immediate med center. And they x-rayed it three or four times, there are no casts for a finger. It’s in a splint, immobile. See I did just fine last night, taping it to keep it immobile, ice to stop and reduce the swelling, elevation to also reduce the swelling and ibuprofen for the pain.

After the doctor’s visit, and oh a tetanus shot just in case… we were on the road to pick up a prescription. And we decided to go to our favorite Chinese Buffet, Teppenyaki. I heard from an older Asian friend that wonton, is more effect then chicken noodle soup. I happen to agree, but then I love wonton soup. Hubs actually enjoyed the food today. Normally, he’s not a big Chinese food fan. But he really enjoyed some of the dishes that were out today. And no, no weird octopus. If anyone wants to see what my baby brother, got last time, I’ll post the pic, yeah, my baby brother is weird. But I love him.

so anywho, below is the pix from last night, and then the final look today.

Ya’ll be careful. Watch your hands! The wind here has been very bad. And now you can see what happens. OUCH!!

From last night, and the tape job. lol

And from today, in the splint.