Hello my fellow iPhone/iPad/iTouch users. And a special Thank you, to my baby Bro, for introducing me to one of the coolest, awesomest app around.

Yes, it’s that Cool!! And if you like FREE! Who doesn’t like FREE? this app is Free and gives you daily updates on what app’s are FREE! so woooHOOOO! 😀

Appsgonefree yes all one word, I found out. And everyday it gives you a new newsletter of which apps have gone free, are free for a limited time.

This app; Appsgonefree ***** (that’s five stars) because it will give you iPhone/iPad/iTouch apps. So be sure to d/l this on your other devices as well. FYI!

now then, what app’s have I downloaded since I got this?

Well there’s the Doctor Who Maze, while I’m not much into games on my devices, while waiting in the waiting room of the immediate med this weekend, it was a nice distraction. The graphics are good, the game play, not so much. so for me ** out of five.

And speaking of cute distractions, I downloaded the Monster High Ghoul Box, with a link to the episodes. 🙂 okay, I am a MH doll collector, so take this rating as I’m slightly biased, *****.

And on today’s free list of apps, I downloaded two of them. Doo- a two do app that takes, text, video and photo. For someone like me, I like the ability to record my to-do’s and even put a photo in. Doo **** for it’s functionality, so far.

The other app was ArcFrame, an interesting little framing app, that can accomodate more than one pic. I did a quickie this morning, and customized the background. for Free, definitely a good deal!! ***** I’m always looking for new ways to frame pix, and on the go…definitely 5 out of 5. The customization is a key feature for me. The ability to do more than one, two or three pix is also a plus!
I have to change the format from bitmap, to jpeg later, and then I’ll post it. 🙂