And it has been a very very very busy week at work!!!

And I’ve started yet another new series of books…no I’m not going to say yet. lol but ooooh, they are cute! :p

And my email inbox has exploded again. Wow! I haven’t been able to check, read or reply since last week, and omg is it packed full!! I’m slowly going through and deleting that which I don’t really need to read, and then slowly going through, and replying when/where needed.

And I still owe a pass word protected entry here for what has happened this past Monday! or was it Tuesday?? anywho, the drama llama’s on Facebook has been a little overwhelming as well. Just when you think you’re friends with “With IT” ppl, one can be surprised. oy vey! I’m just about to delete the whole dang thing. But I’m to competitive to let the haters win! Kiss me blarney stone! lol 😀

also most ppl have now heard the news about the tornados in Alabama, but they have been hitting here in Indiana as well, so please take your weather radios with you, stay safe and for goodness sake, take cover, not photos!!

I’m going to start wading back through the email’s, and germinate on the pass word protected entry. For those that want to read it, if you know my email, and I approve- I’ll send you the pass word. otherwise, no big! Just me blowing off lots of steam that doesn’t need to be public at the mo.

Later stay safe!!