True Story;
I was sitting in my office the other day, when my phone rang, and it was my Dad. Now, like Chuck Norris-you do not decline a phone call from your daddy. Well, I don’t.

so I connect, and I hear rustling noises. “hello…hello…” Nothing..more rustling. So my mind starts racing, oh my god, he’s having a stroke and he hit speed dial, knowing I’d know what to do…whoa, slow down there brain! so then I start singing. “Daddy, can you hear me? Daddy, are you there?”

He hears me singing and fishes out his phone. “Hello?”

Finally, he is able to speak. I asked him what he wanted, and said he called me.

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes, you did.”

“No. Must’ve been my butt!”

“So the smart ass, calls the smartass daughter, nice!”

We both start cracking up…so I know he’s okay, I tell him, I love him, and he tells me he loves me. We then start laughing, as he said, “You were singing to me.”

“Well, yeah. Better than freaking out, and calling 911.”

Course I still don’t know where he was…and how 911 would’ve located him? But… just an example of how fun a day can be in my life. A moment of terror with some giggles thrown in. oh fyi, my blood pressure shot straight up, till I started singing. lol

And then the rest of the week, was busy busy busy. Why yes, it was a full moon.
but the hubs was sweet this past week, and surprised me with a few presents. Squee!! Some of the new Monster High doll’s- the two pack; Clawd & Draculaura, and some of the Sweet Sixteen Hundred dolls! Squee.

My pix:
Draculaura it’s her Sweet Sixteen Hundredth

Frankie Stein in her party dress,

Cleo de Nile, I think this is from an earlier back to school series?

and the two pack surprise, I got on Friday!! Clawd Wolf and Draculaura. awww!

and yesterday, I took the time to go get my nails done. No shamrocks, no one there knew how to do them? So pretty lucky green tips, with a spot of gold. 😀

later, I hope to be doing a review of a few new app’s, I’ve downloaded thanks to Appsgonefree.

otherwise, have a beautiful Sunday!! 😀