I tried to send a small post yest, but the wifi at home was wonky.

I went in to work yesterday, and after laying my head on the desk-cause the room was spinning, I decided I couldn’t work like that. So I went to see my boss. Who wasn’t thrilled…my co-worker was also going home sick. So that meant no coverage…

I did go home, and called my doc, explained my symptoms, and he called in a script for me. yay, Antiobiotics. Still nothing for the aching cough. Aching because when I cough, it has been hurting my ribs! ouch! I’m sick and I’m whiny, sorry.

so today, the boss called, and asked if I could come in and work the day shift, my co-worker is still off. so one hour down, seven to go. I can already hear my pillow missing me. ugh… I hate feeling like this. No fun! 😦

the good news, if I get it done now, hopefully that means I’ll be fine over the summer. A summer cold never seems to go away-just linger. oh great, now I’m sneezing too. remember whiny? Sorry…

so anywho, I’ve pre-ordered the next Black Dagger Brotherhood book from J.R. Ward. OMG, the price on this one. I hope it’s really worth the $$.

And once again, if you have an iPhone/iPad- download AppsgoneFree I have downloaded some more great apps from that one, review them when I can. 🙂

Ya’ll take care, avoid getting sick. This is not fun!! No way, No how!
drink plenty of fluid, take your vitamins, and wash your hands. If someone you work with touches your keyboard or phone, take a clorox cloth and wipe them down.