oog! I’ve been so sick. Had the doctor’s appt on Friday. Poke, poke, poke.

I have bronchitis, sinus infection, and a flu/virus thingie. Wow! Can I get sick or what? :p

after I hit home, I didn’t do nada! laid around pretty much all weekend long.

This week, I’ve been on days, but when I get home, I’m wiped out!
I haven’t checked mail, facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest… yeah, I’m a social butterfly-that hasn’t been fluttering this past week. I just feel so weak!

But I have been checking my AppsgoneFree newsletter, and I have picked up some lovely new iPhone/iPad apps!! Must Have ***** Weather Genie! This is an awesome weather App. I have three or four cities, where I live, where I work, where I visit, and the home town. Then it gives me a five day forecast, and the background is changeable- so nice to look at a pretty beach scene. 🙂 grab it while it’s free, even paying for this one though, would be worth it.

Next one, Flipboard for the iPhone!! If you’ve been using Flipboard on the iPad, the version for the iPhone will keep your settings for you when you log in. If not, why not? This App is awesome! I can see what’s new on my FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc….all in one APP! And I can re-tweet, re-blog, like it…you name it from the App itself! Oh did I mention, IT’s FREE! Grab one!! *********** 10 Stars!!

Heartrate was another nice app-iPhone only- but for those of us that watch our stress levels during the day, this is an interesting little app. **

Motivational, take your photos and turn them into those cute catchy or cliche motivational posters. Share with friends. **

Voicebrief, Don’t have time to read your updates, get this cute little app, changeable voices. I have mine set for English Male-sounds like Simon-LOL. And they will read your calendar, facebook, twitter, – basically what you add to list. Customizable. ***

That’s all for now. I need to get over this ucky feeling, it’s getting beautiful outside! 🙂 Take care!