Some of my co-workers and colleagues, I will bend over backwards to help them.

one or two others, not going to happen!

so what’s the diff? The way in which they treat me. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with people. And just because someone has had this bad behavior for years, does NOT mean it’s right.

If…I were to act to others, like they do to me. I’d already would have been in a training session for an attitude adjustment. So please stop telling me, “Oh it’s just they way they are….” NO, nope, not acceptable!

I’m very appreciative of those people that do help me out on a day to day basis, and I let them, as well as their supervisor know about it. ‘So and so, did a great thing today. So next time they ask for a day off, they should get it.’

I will write reccomendations for these individuals. So, let’s look at how you treat your co-workers, would any of them, bend over backwards for you? Why? Why not? Do you treat people with the respect that they deserve? Because honestly, if they are treating you badly, the first thing to do is introspection. And I know, I haven’t treated this person badly. Civil, yes. Badly, no. From the first week I started, she’s been this way, and everyone tells me that’s just the way she is. sorry, not buying it anymore. It should be addressed and handled the same as it is with every one else. Because one bad apple, can spoil an entire tree.

I’ve seen it at other places…