I have an issue…I have a thing for spelling things correctly, and using the correct punctuation.

What boggles my mind, some things actually make it into print. Newspapers don’t count, magazines don’t count-well not to me, however a book? Yeah, they have editors, proofreaders. I mean wth? 😦

Which is correct: “Your welcome.” or “You’re welcome.”

And wth? so and so, verse so and so.

Excuse me? Verse?? uh, I think you mean versus. See the difference a word makes? and or, spelling. The verse could just be a spelling error, or it could be the person really doesn’t have a clue…but to see this in print?! It boggles my mind!
Needless to say, I will not be buying any more books from this author. I’m sorry, if you can’t use beta or proof readers, and you have one to many grammatical, and spelling errors, I can’t read it. It makes NO sense to me at all.

For heaven’s sake, if you ever want to print your work, please, I beg of you. Get a proofreader. Because obviously, the book companies need help! 😦

I have three, beta/proofreaders. JIC, one is a grammatical nazi-Love you, Sweetheart, the other is great at continuity-esp since my work is a series, and the third is a SCI FI geek, with extensive knowledge in the area I’m working in.

Plus, like I said, I have a problem. It’s annoying some days, to read something, and immediately pick out all the misspelled words, and the bad punctuation. I’m also horrible looking at pictures. Years of being a digital retoucher, and I know how to do negative retouching. That’s working on the negative itself. 🙂 I can spot dots and imperfections. My friends are like, “Really?” Yeah…I do some free retouching for some ppl. Others that have paid for these services, I take a grease pencil, and make the appropriate comments and tell them to send it back to be redone, or get a refund. The funny thing, I used to work for that Portrait company. LOL I’m not above driving back to the lab, with the marked up prints, and asking them to fix it. Someone spends a good $1000. on their senior portraits, oh hell yes. I’m going to make sure that they get their moneys worth.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t allow sloppy English. It’s bad enough when ppl talk to me in text speak. “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

Example, and yes they use the initials, “WTF! do ygaf? IMR! LOL!”

I’m stymied at this. Beyond boggled, just speechless. Even in the Army, I didn’t use acronyms when talking all the time, just when it was required.

Example: “I need that pdq, or asap. The METL is on your desk.”

PDQ=pretty darn quick, ASAP= as soon as possible, METL=mission essential task list.

anywho, have a great day! please leave a comment, if you too, get tired of the butchering of our language. Thank you!!