It’s been such a beautiful and sunny weekend. Today was just a nice day to sit outside, and be.

I just let my thoughts clear, it’s so nice to just sit, and enjoy the warmth, and the slight breeze. Nothing to worry about, nothing that has to be done, just a few minutes to myself.  Note; take a few minutes to just be. I vote going outside and enjoying the warmth. If it’s still cold and drizzly, um…sorry, but maybe a moment in the slight showers will give you some appreciation of the warmth.  I’m one of the first that does not like it to hot. I prefer 70’s-80 degree weather. I have friends that love the 90’s, and even the humidity. I can appreciate it, but it doesn’t mean that I like it. 

But then again, I also like it when it’s hip deep in snow, and it’s so cold. I appreciate the vast differences, because I appreciate the balance of life, nature, etc. One can’t be happy all the time, or sad all the time, there is a balance between the extremes of weather, and emotions.  I’ve been learning different meditations to help me balance my thoughts. The more balance or understanding of balance helps one feel better. As I learned this past week, it’s not my feelings that are a problem, it’s my thoughts that lead to my feelings. Balance my thoughts, my emotions will be balanced. Sounds easy, right? So lets give it a chance. 
Leave me a comment if you think that you can balance your thoughts for a week. And then let me know in a week’s time, how your emotions felt. Better, worse, no change?   Go on, even if you don’t let me know, try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.