the one’s that act silly with me. Even if we’re not in the same room, city, state or even country! lol

I love email!! the ability to be goofy spontaneously.

some of the fun today, a friend mentioned an actor, that I um, think is quite HOT! and so I gave him a mission should he choose to accept it, and OH BOY! did he ever!! 😀
I can’t stop smiling, and I think my higher cognitive brain functions are barely firing. All I’m thinking is Hubba Hubba! and I got a towel, or I’ll scrub your back! (No, I’m not posting the pix here…well, maybe?? Later. No nudity, I think it could be safe??) lol 😀

so, I’m going to go splash some cold water in my face now, and see what I can do for him! so yes! I LOVE MY FRIENDS!