As most of you have seen, I’ve been kinda quiet still. Yeah, living proof that depression doesn’t go away over night. 🙂

I’m feeling better, but still have moments of eh, bleh, and meh! Yeah, very descriptive, huh? LOL

However, I do want to thank one of my friends. Mz Lovely, this weekend she brought me Starbucks to work-when I was here on-call. Today she brought me back lunch!! Seriously, she is a Phenomenal woman! & I luvs her! 🙂
(For those that follow me, on facebook, Mz Lovely is the start of her handle on there.)

It is a beautiful day here in Central/North Indiana. And I’m enjoying it! I’m on nights this week, and I’ve been sweet-talking my co-writer, Pinky, (LOL) to continue writing. Right now, the part of the story we’re at, it’s his baby! I do need to go in, re-read what/where my character is at, and do some writing myself. But…we’ll see if google docs wants to cooperative with me, at work this week. I type to fast to do it on the iPhone. 😀

Yesterday was earth day, and as part of my ‘Staying Green’ I stayed off the internet most of the day. I stayed off the tv, most of the day. I did go outside, and read a book. I’m now looking to see if the book is the first in a series, if so…I might have a new series to read. If not, it really should be. LOL

So, hopefully in your corner of the world, it is just as pretty outside. do yourself a favor, and go spend some time outside today if it is. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. -Don’t forget to apply sunblock, though.- Enjoy the breeze ruffling your hair, or scalp as the case may be. Enjoy simply being alive to enjoy! 😀