Google Alerts


~time to change my thoughts~

Do you use Google alerts? yes, no? Do you know what they are?

Well let me tell you how I use Google Alerts, and you can decide for yourself.

Google Alerts is a nifty little app that you can program to give you daily updates on certain key words.

For me, I have maybe ten google alerts. I have alerts on my favorite actors- to find out what’s new and upcoming in their careers, where they will be for a convention, etc.

I have alerts set on my name, both married and maiden names. Keeep an eye on who’s doing what with my name.

I have alerts on book series, and the authors. Again find out when a new book, or if the Author has a new series coming out.

I think this is a nifty little app that google has, and that not everyone appears aware of. Um, go and google: Google Alerts
It’s very easy to use. Try it.

So comments, who does use Google alerts? Will you try after reading this article? 😀 no, I’m not affiliated with Google in any way, shape or form. LOL I wish!!! 😀


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okay for those that get these posts in email. Yeah, I caught that HUGE typo, just as I hit publish.

It’s been corrected in the blog. oops!

Grammar Nazi strikes again, part two

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So, I was going to do a reply to one of the comments on this post, however, I realized while I was thinking, that this is going to be a long reply. Therefore, with that in mind, I just decided to do a part two. Skeen, thank you for the comment. And here’s the reply.

I know, that Text speak is taking over the new generation. That’s all fine and dandy. Myself, I totally went through, like you know, the whole bitchin’ Valspeak phase myself. And I can still go from .0 to speaking it like a pro. But that doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate to do so.

Some of what I was mentioning earlier was found in a Professional Forum, that’s right, people that are academically degreed in our profession. And there are areas on the forum where text speak is allowed, but…not in the “Professional” areas. So to find a bunch of text speak in an off-limits area, is what set me off.

Also not everyone knows what text speak, acronyms are. Myself, I didn’t start texting till about a year ago. And even then, I find it hard not to spell out a word correctly. Not everyone texts or…this is going to be hard to fathom…own a computer.

My own Aunt used to type LOL at the end of an email, right before her name. I finally asked her what she thought that meant. She thought it meant lots of love. She was happy I told her what it stood for, because other members of the family were being silly with her. (Not mean, but they teased her about it…A Lot!)

So there is another area, the age gap, perhaps it is me, being slightly older. Then again, I still believe if you are writing in a professional capacity, then you should utilize proper grammar, spelling. I have seen some acronyms in reports that should not be there. FYI, is fine. BTW is not.

So…hopefully that is a good answer to your comment, and thank you again, Skeen! I always look forward to your comments.

Now, everyone else, don’t be shy. I appreciate and answer all comments.

Take care and have a great day!

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It almost snowed here today in Canada (barf), so it only seems appropriate to share one of the most anticipated summer collections – Zoya Beach & Surf. This mega collection features 6 creamy bold shades = beach & 6 shimmer foil shades = surf. Both collections compliment each other creating one massive must-have 12 piece collection that can be worn on it’s own or mixed & matched together to pop on tanned skin.

For all swatches below we paired beach polish with it’s complimentary surf polish (we’ve been wearing them in pairs since we got them).

Shelby – this colour is so ‘us’ it hurts. Soft Pepto-Bismol/Barbie dream car pink – this is a shade we often turn to when we realize we’ve worn nothing but black and grey for the past week. This pink has a slight blue base and is a great thick formula, barely needing two coats…

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Grammar Nazi is at it again…


OMG, what is with people??

can you not speak properly, and then spell what you say?
Text lingo is not actual words. Yes, I know, I do it myself-but…not to ppl that don’t know me.

two words I’ve seen lately, that is absolutely driving me nuts:

whit, used in, “I wanna go whit you.” means? With

tat, used in, “I want tat!” means? That

I ignore people that speak to me like this. Why? If you don’t have enough self-respect to speak correctly, why should I respect you to reply? Simple in my mind. NOW, if this person is a friend, yeah, I’ll reply. But I’ll also let them know just how ridiculous they sound.

Now to be fair, I have on occasions, spelt Kittens as Kitteh’s. But I have done so in a way, that it is cute- not ridiculous. So, yes, I know I do it too, but not every day, in every conversation I have. I mean really? Do you want to be taken seriously? Or are you really that clueless? Because word of advice here, if you submit an application or a resume’ to someone with these ‘text’ words, you won’t be taken seriously. Trust me! I have denied people access to groups due to the fact that they can’t write correctly, and when I ask them for clarification, they reply back, “WTF is ur prob?”
ps- being rude to someone like this, quaranteed, you aren’t going to get what you want?

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