It almost snowed here today in Canada (barf), so it only seems appropriate to share one of the most anticipated summer collections – Zoya Beach & Surf. This mega collection features 6 creamy bold shades = beach & 6 shimmer foil shades = surf. Both collections compliment each other creating one massive must-have 12 piece collection that can be worn on it’s own or mixed & matched together to pop on tanned skin.

For all swatches below we paired beach polish with it’s complimentary surf polish (we’ve been wearing them in pairs since we got them).

Shelby – this colour is so ‘us’ it hurts. Soft Pepto-Bismol/Barbie dream car pink – this is a shade we often turn to when we realize we’ve worn nothing but black and grey for the past week. This pink has a slight blue base and is a great thick formula, barely needing two coats…

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