My choice of eyecandy! LOL Sam Worthington & Hugh Jackman.
Hmm, both Aussie’s…interesting. 🙂

and my public thank you’s to my friends that have been sending me said eyecandy in my email’s today! Ya’ll make me SMILE! 😀

and okay, some of those pix, I get warm tinglies too. LMAO!

anywho, the gist of this entry. Friends! No matter where they are, or even if we agree on my choice of music, movies, television shows, etc. They are still there for me. And they show it, by sending me pix of things that they know will cheer me up!

Now, I’m not having a bad day or anything. But it’s not been an easy day either. So to sneak a peek at my email, when I’m not busy, has been a true pleasure today. lol (see what I did there?)

anywho, me and my girlfriend’s want to give Skeen a big group Hug and loads of smoochies for the eyecandy today. You totally get the award; “You’re the Man!” from us today!!

take a bow! 😀

silliness in life is a great joy. If you can’t enjoy something completely and utterly silly, you should try.

like the words; Hamster Infestation have me rolling and laughing till I’m crying. I’ll let the person that said that to me, explain in a comment.

peace & hugs

two of the pix, that I can share in this forum. 🙂