my internet was down at home, and then I found out on Sunday-my phone was down too. Thanks to a friend, in another state. I was able to contact a live person. Nice to know I could look this stuff up on line. but um, what if online doesn’t work???!!!

anywho, the tech people are due at my house shortly to fix the problems. and then hopefully I can get online, save my Sim, and do some writing with my co-writer.

lol on the Sim, from the facebook game. I have been getting updates on the iphone when it wanted to work this weekend. I finally found out what it’s issue was, and have since fixed it. But omg-no net this weekend. I got a lot of cleaning/organizing done. Was able to watch the Day of Destruction on SyFy channel, and read a new book.

For some ppl, it’s hard to remember what we did before the internet. Me, go read a book, take a walk, sit outside and just ponder. aka goof off! lol 😀

so hopefully tonight when I get home, I’ll be able to placate my plot bunnies and do some writing. I was able to jot some story ideas down on paper, and on the iPad. So, it wasn’t all that devasting. lol

Ya’ll have an awesome Monday!