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love the metallic look!


First things first, Essie has been killing it – their latest collections have been fresh, fun & filled with wonderful colours. They introduced their first  full neon line Poppyrazzi , then gave us a summer collection to match with our swim wear  – and now the piece de resistance, Mirror Metallics. We love how fashion forward metallics can be – on their own they can be both classic & edgy. All shades in the collection have this beautiful foil like quality, with a futuristic-luxe vibe. These mineral metallic shades all had an amazing formula – only needing one coat to cover the nail, we did a light second coat for pictures – so we don’t continually repeat ourselves, the formula was the same for all shades below. Most metallics have a harsh streaky application, we had a little bit of streaks but nothing too major.

No Place Like Chrome – this shade reflects…

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Respect or nuisance?


So I had to stop today on my drive in to work. Why? For a Funeral Procession. I don’t mind, this is form of respect. However, I actually had someone honking at me from behind. Now then, I pulled over before I stopped, so really?? oy!

I don’t know if it’s a State law in Indiana (feel free to let me know), but I do believe it’s a sign of respect, for the deceased, and their family and friends.

And I have yet, to hear of someone getting into trouble for arriving a little late to work for stopping for a Funeral procession.

ppl please, this three day holiday is Memorial Day weekend, don’t start it by being rude.

thank you!

one more day…


But lest we forget, this beautiful three day weekend is brought to us by those that gave their all! Memorial day is to honor and remember your veterans!! Those people willing to defend and protect your rights! Our Constitution. And yes, I am one of the 7% that have served!

So yes, I want you to have a wonderful weekend, but I also want you to take a moment and think of those that have given their full measure to ensure you have the rights to enjoy this weekend.

Thank you!



okay, if I had typed this entry earlier, the title and the tone would have been so much different. As it is, I’ve let it go! Used my Mindfulness and Emotion Regulation skills, as well as IDGAF skills. This won’t matter in five minutes, five hours, five days, five months…you get the picture.

but anywho, something funny today. And yeah, it’s probably superstitious, but hey, it appears to be working, as my stress level and bp has stayed in the normal range today. 🙂
I’m wearing my Green Lantern ring, and my Wonder Woman bracelet. LOL hey…whatever geeky think it takes to cheer me up. I’m all for it. There’s not a lot of silliness in the world today, it’s like ppl have forgotten how to play.
For example, today on Facebook, I was leaving a cute picture of a kitty on my friends pages (see below) & I’d say 90% of my friends liked it. Even got a few thank you’s and “You too!” Awesome!!
Now for the other cranky 10% yeah, you’re still a friend, but…DUDES! You need to get a sense of humor when it comes to playing around. Life is stressful enough, and some fun with others is necessary to be a happy Human Being!! just fyi for those of you that didn’t get that memo!

So I have also been playing with my Best Friend on his page, and he is cracking up laughing. Next volley will be set and served shortly! 😀

Anywho…I don’t care how old you are, you need to remember to play! Play is vital to your well being. It reduces stress and engages your friends into interacting with you! It helps you maintain healthy relationships. & I’m off the soapbox now…(till later…)

Stupid food allergies…


Today there was a carry in for one of my colleagues that is retiring. I’ll miss them!!

now, I love food! that can be obvious to some ppl. However, I have one to many food allergies, and/or dislikes that can lead to problems. so I tend to visit a carry in, and not really eat the food. However, that tends to hurt ppl’s feelings, “What? My food ain’t good enough for you?” Seems some ppl don’t understand food allergies.

so to make some one happy, I asked for the ingredients of said dip, and okay, I didn’t hear anything harmful…or it was done in spite?? Which I doubt, hopefully. But there had to have been horseradish in it, as my tongue is swelling up. yeah…so much fun. sighs 😦

and I can’t leave work…so time to figure out what to do…wish me luck!!

till later…I’m icing my tongue down, boy do I look like an idiot right now. 😦


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On a scale of 1-10, for stress. So far it’s a 9.5 kinda day. The most stress is from me, biting my tongue. To keep from saying what I really want to.

Let’s just agree; Mean ppl suck!




some days, ppl need to take a chill pill when dealing with their colleagues. Okay, I made a mistake. I took responsibility for and apologized for that mistake. Which then I was told, “That’s not good enough.”


and ppl wonder why I have high blood pressure??? I mean really??

hell, most ppl wouldn’t apologize, or even admit to being in the wrong. sighs…

I need a hug…

Updating yesterdays fun day


It was Awesome!!

I started the day, with a good cup of coffee, and then went to get my nails done. Mani/Pedi, now then I love getting Pedi’s, however I have very very ticklish feet. At first I’m like ahhhh, and then omgwth? LOL 😀
I warned the new girl that I have kicked tech’s before, not on purpose. It’s purely a reflexive action. However, I’m so keeping the new girl! She was able to massage my entire foot. Top and bottom. That’s only happened with two other people. So yay!! It felt so good! And then I got my manicure, and there’s a pic up on the photo blog: My pretty Manicure along with the picture of the product used. Revlon

After that, I was off to Ulta in Indy to get my hair done. Color and hilites. I had shown some ppl the photo I was basing my look on. Only thing, the colorist did a better job then was shown to her. It turned out way better than I expected!! Woot! 😀 I love it!! Truly funky, and definitely all me! lol I also picked up a small summer makeup kit from Stila, the Nearly Nude collection. Perfect for all summer long. And no, I didn’t pay full price, had a coupon. 😀 I love coupons.

And then, it was time to go home. Only to find hubs meeting me at the door, and decided I needed a new outfit to go with the new hair. Awww, how sweet. And I’m the owner of a new Cat Suit. LOL Yes, this is able to be worn at work. I tried it on, and oh my, I wish they had this style cat suit, in various colors. I’d wear one every day of the week. Stylish, and oh so comfortable. My outfit Again, didn’t pay full price, coupon! 😀 With my fibromyalgia, I have to watch what fabrics I wear. I prefer, soft, silky, and light weight. I tend to layer. I love jeans, but they are to heavy, fabric wise. Yes, some ppl with fibromyalgia have issues with the weight of clothes, and if they are to tight/heavy on the skin. Not everyone has this issue. Just some of us lucky ones. yay, go me. 😦 any who, I’ve learned how to shop to stay comfortable.

After that we went to the mall to walk around and browse. I was able to pick up a few things that I had been looking for. And the prices were exceptionally reasonable. I couldn’t pass it up. Again, photos will be on the phlog. Okay, one of the items was completely spontaneous, but I couldn’t resist. lol 😀 For those that know me, will totally get it! 😀

Next up, Wal-Mart and picked up some food products that I’ve been meaning to get. And woohoo, the items were actually on sale. Nice! Picked up some Chinese take out for dinner, and then realized it was almost midnight. oog. Ate an eggroll, and saved the rest for today.

Today, it was movie day. After all the bp rollercoaster this past week, we decided, that I just needed to relax some more today. So we did and watched movies today. Underworld Awakening, Star Wars- episodes 2 & 3. Now I’m watching an ep of SUV, and then probably go to bed.

I’ve decided not to bug my co-writer this weekend, because he needed to rest too. 😀 And he’s got to keep studying as the end of his semester is coming up. So…I know to leave him be for a bit. And I get to proof two of the stories, we’ve completed. Hope to have them posted on the Plot Bunny site soon. Stories

I hope ya’ll have had a lovely weekend too. This has been one of my more relaxing weekends. Haven’t had one in a while. So till later, have a great day/night!!

oooh I love my friends…

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so, it seems a few ppl have been worried about my stress and bp levels, thank you for the caring and the concern!! It is truly appreciated.

so tomorrow, I have an appointment to get my hair, mani/pedi done. YAY!!! that is such a relaxing thought, and I can’t wait to be treated. Thank you, again so very much!!


oog evil bunnies….

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I know it happens, things end…but I’m not ready to deal with an ending at this time. The thought of it is depressing, and I’m crying while writing this. It’s a natural progression, I will agree with that plot bunny. and it makes sense…but it’s no less sad.

I need to go find a happy plot bunny now, and nurture it…. till later.

Keep your fingers on the keyboard! lol


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