by the letter; F

(warning there are swear words in this entry-you have been warned! I am an adult, and I do swear!)

omg! today started out with me waking with a Category 2.5 migraine. I’ve taken my meds and it’s slowly subsiding. I went and did a few minor errands this morning. Stopped, and the first thing I don’t really appreciate-last time I looked, I was in Indiana, not Texas. I do not like being called, “Hon” by strangers, it’s just ugh! And depending on the person saying it, downright creepy!!

but I moved on…got to work, got to speak on the phone with my bf, and I calmed down.

mistake was checking my FB page. oy vey! I made a comment on how I FEEL! (ooh F word) and unless I’m reading into someone’s ‘status’ update, I’m selfish. sighs….

Yes, I will admit, there are times I’m selfish! And uh, yeah, the way I FEEL about things, well if that makes me selfish then so be it. I had already talked to myself and calmed myself down, and decided to repress my feelings to enjoy the day with my family…and now, I’ll be talking myself back down.

I get it! NOT Everyone knows how I feel about certain things, oooh, sorry! Yes, I realize I still have family, and YES! I do love my family.

and I’m leaving it here for the moment…. because if I type/think anything else, from this point, I might or might not regret it!

Dammit! I miss my Aunt!! The one I could call, and discuss this fucking shit with! She would know what to say, to make me feel better! And to make me feel loved!

sorry, for the downer post at the mo. I’ll try to validate and normalize myself and come back with a cute entry later…but please don’t hold your breath that it will be today!