So Hubs came home, to hot to cook, “Want to go eat at Teppenyaki?” Well duh, I said yes.

Dinner was good, chatting was good, and I showed off my new mani. 🙂 I’m a girlie, it’s part of what I do. lol

We finished, and I told hubs I was going out to have a smoke while he paid the bill. He went to go use the facilities, and got side lined at that the dessert table, grabbed a few cookies and came out.

I’m wanted to go for a walk, and he suggested the Mall. Okay. So we get to the mall, walk around, I picked up some of my arm warmers, Sale! $1. a pair. Couldn’t pass that up. And then we’re wandering around. He saw some sparklies, and asked, “DO you like this one?” Uh yeah, purple, sparkly and it’s a star! So as he’s pulling out his wallet to pay for it, for me. Awww! He goes, “OHMYGOD!”

I’m like, what? What? I can put the necklace back. He says that’s not it, he walked out of the restaurant without paying the bill. OMG! I’ve never dined and dashed! So we hurry up the purchase and leave the mall. We’re doing the speed limit and getting back to the restaurant.

We get there, and we go in to pay. He remembers leaving the tip, and he apologizes to the cashier. It was an honest mistake. They are very surprised that we came back. Thanked us for being honest, and agreed it was an honest mistake.

Honesty is truly the best policy. Sure we could’ve had a free meal, but…no. That is not right. As it is, we’re both still going, “OMG! WE dined and dashed.” Because neither of us, have ever done that before.

So we’re sitting here, having the nervous giggles. And trying to decide which movie to watch. And yeah, I’m playing with my new sparkly purple star necklace. LOL 😀

Ya’ll stay cool. Stay hydrated! It is horribly hot and dangerous outside. Stay safe!!

sorry about the lack of updates lately, I’m blaming the heat. It saps the will to do anything from me.

But I will do another one tomorrow. And there are some new pix going up on the photo blog. 😀