Group shot of the Bratzillaz

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I think that they are cool! Unique, not the cookie cutter Barbie… JMO 🙂



Yeah, new acronym I just made up, WTHK? = what the Hello Kitty?

So, my dad is a font of wisdom. No seriously he is!! He once told me, Knowledge is power. Well duh, right? I mean that is a cliche’ but it is still true. Along with a little knowledge is deadly in the wrong hands. And that power corrupts! so…

I have been a Wiccan for a very long time, I think I was in the Broom Closet for all about eight minutes, before I decided…Whatever? If they don’t like me, it’s their Loss! And since then…my true friends are still with me.

What does this have to do with that? I’m getting there. Patience grasshopper, patience.

My dad has always given me the coolest books to read; Tao of Pooh, Black Elk Speaks, The Art of War.

It was up to me to get the meaning behind this reading list. LOL 😀

Anywho, I have had ppl do nasty stuff to me. You know, “Thou shall not allow a witch to live.” And I always think, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” So I have joined a few email reading lists of those ppl that want to do mean and nasty things to ppl. Some days, I just can’t read the hate filled emails. It gets draining. But…once in a while, there is a nugget, and I pass it on to Wiccan/Pagan groups in their area.

Now then…yes, we’re getting there… I guess Book Burning has gotten passe’ because the newest thing I read was “Burn the Abominations!” And omg, what are these Abominations you ask? Dolls! That’s right, you read that correctly, DOLLS! (Caps so you can see easier.) ; )

Monster High came out a year or so ago, it’s pretty popular. Yeah, I know ya’ll have heard me talk about my “Monster Hunts” trying to find them. And now, Bratz has come out with their own version. Bratzilla! I like them! like duh, right? 😀 LOL

So on the list…these moron’s were talking about going and buying these Abominations and then scheduling for an old fashioned bonfire burn the witch thingie! I Mean Really?? *Facepalms*

So I went and talked to the hubby, who btw, handed me one of the Bratzilla’s he bought me as a surprise to go with a really cute and so me necklace! (Pix later) When I told him what these morons had planned, he handed me the checkbook, “GO buy one of each!!”
So last night at 10:45 pm I checked in at Wal-mart on FB. Told everyone, remember this check in. Yeah, I was at Wal-Mart to save some dolls from being burnt! Ok ok, yes, I already know I’m weird. I’m also a girl! I still collect dolls, and the fact that people want to burn them as a Witch toy??? Hey, I did what had to be done! IMO! 😀

I missed one of them, and Hubs is going to go look for her today. Yes, he thinks I’m one fry short of a Happy Meal too. But he’s still supportive of ME! that’s very important. 😀

I still can’t get over the fact, that they are going crazy on this list because these dolls are different from Barbie. Get with it people, not everyone likes or wants to be Barbie. Okay, so yeah, that dream house is pretty cool… lol

But to burn dolls? In this day and age? To call them witch toys?
Okay, first, burning plastic is stupid- it releases toxins, that can make one really sick! Two, it’s a freakin’ doll! Nothing witchy about it. Unless you perceive or put that opinion on it!!

Anywho…sorry, I had to rant about this one. I mean, there are other more important issues out there…apparently this group, didn’t get that memo. The good news, they aren’t out somewhere violating someone’s rights, or protesting a fallen Veteran’s funeral. For those that haven’t seen what the students and Alum of A&M did, here’s a link! Love those Aggies!! YeeeHAW!

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