Outstanding and Heavenly Sent Underwater Photography by David Doubilet

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random thoughts…

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Elevator – let everyone off, before trying to shove your way in.

Four way stop- not everyone goes at the same time. First one there, goes first. The official rules are in your driver’s manual. (Insert snarky sarcastic reply here)

Interrupting, not cool. Unless there is an actual emergency. The fact you broke your heel is NOT an emergency!

A-B conversation, C your way out of it. If we didn’t invite you, there might be a reason for it. I’m just saying.

The whole “Hey Girl…” It’s old already, stop paying it forward. That’s not the point of paying it forward. (Again, insert snarky sarcastic reply here)

Flirting, ok ok. Really? There’s flirting, and then there’s blatant. Learn the difference. Cause really, you just freaked that dude out! Licking a finger, cute? Fitting your fist into your mouth….oooooh that’s gross! (Yes, saw this earlier)

okay, random thoughts done for the mo. more later as inspiration or I see weird things. lol

Review time

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Ah, I love Apps & Comics! This review covers both of them! sweet 😀

DC comics has their own app for the iPhone, and I think for the droid market as well. But the coolest thing for me, is that the app actually accepts iTunes cards for payment. I am building quite the digital comic library on my iPad. Honestly, for the best viewing of the artwork, and the ease of reading, the iPad is hands down the better of the two platforms. JMO

There are other comic apps out there as well:
Comics+ by Iverse Media they offer Marvel, Xenoscope, and Broadsword comics- for those not familiar with Broadsword….What?? LOL

Marvel, you know, the Avenger’s, Spiderman, X-Men, etal

Xenoscope, Grimms Fairy Tales aka not the same Fairy tales you are thinking, do NOT let your kids read these!! These stories are for adults. The art is very cool, but the subject matter, squicks me out.

Broadsword, Home of Tarot! And School Bites. Oh yeah!

Actually Comics+ has the most independent comic publisher’s out there. And for the kiddies, they even have Archie Comics-okay okay, yes, I am an Aunt. I worry about little minds. 😀
And Comics+ also accepts the iTunes gift card for purchasing. Yay!!

Marvel Comics It’s Marvel, all their titles. Yeah, not to gung ho over this app… it’s not difficult to use, it’s I don’t know?? I’ll stick with the above apps. JMO

Now what I like about all of them, FREE COMICS! Yes, you read that right, FREE! Now who doesn’t like free? (weirdo…LOL) so if you’re not sure about buying that particular series, or how this would look on my phone? Try a free comic. why not?

Honestly, my favorite is the DC Comics app, the search function is much easier to use, they have comics in digital format that are from my youth…(Hush you whipper snappers LOL), so if you are missing that one issue…Dude! you might be able to find it here. They also ‘break’ out story arcs, so if you don’t want to buy the entire run of a comic to just read what happened in this arc. Hey, DC has broken it down for you! Awesome!! Also the Ame-Comi series is only in Digital Format, and uh, yeah, DC has it! Mainly cause the girls are DC trademarked, yeah, I know. I need more [_]>

anywho, if anything download the apps, try the Free comics. Read, it’s good for you, builds character, and makes you smarter. How else do you think I learned all my smart alecy retorts. Ok ok, it wasn’t all comics fault. LOL 😀

Enjoy! I’m off to go download a few free Marvel issues myself. Ultimate Origins, Captain America, Spiderman, Avengers, LOL Harley-Davidson Avengers, I kid you not! Just got it! LOL

Listen to a Londoner Interview: James Sweetman

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Little London Observationist

This is James. He kayaks to work sometimes (can you tell?). He also has a fabulously entrepreneurial spirit, co-owns Stickyboard – a virtual London community noticeboard site – with his brother and is on a search for 100 Great Things About London. When he asked me to contribute, I asked for an interview. We met at Sacred Cafe on Ganton Street where James bought me an Earl Grey tea entertained me with stories of man dates, a giant tunnel where kayakers dare not paddle and 1940’s swing dancing parties.

[youtube http://youtu.be/SXBxzhhSX-0]

LLO:  Tell us about yourself. Are you originally from London? What do you do? Which area of the city is home? 
JS: I’m originally a Londoner, born and bred. Grew up in Ealing, went to university, did a little travel and came straight back. Me and my brother started a business together, which is a website called Stickyboard. It’s all…

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Social Media Sunday 10

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Little London Observationist

Every Sunday, I’m going to feature bits and pieces I’ve picked up from various social media platforms. Some tweets, Flickr photos, blog posts, pins, etc.


Notting Hill GatePhoto: Notting Hill Gate by SReed99342



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You Are Loved Day…

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awww, Thank you! You are loved too! : )

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

 I would like to honor  my new fans and old buddies…

Every You Are Loved Day

All About Lemon.


As a token of my gratitude for following All About Lemon,
I made a personal gift to all of my buddies/followers.
My daughter Chlly and I made this gift personally.
There are no rules or obligations
but to just accept this gift and show it off to your Blog that
You Are Loved!

All About Lemon is just a click away…

Every time you’d like to check what’s up in my world,

just click that You Are Loved!

Instruction to grab your gift:

On your widget area,    place the IMAGE widget on your sidebar and  paste “You Are Loved!”  image URL:


and then paste All About Lemon URL Page:


Here are my new fans:  Thank you for following All About Lemon.

Callum Harkin

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Creative Digital Art by Valerie Anne Kelly aka valzart

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Things to do in Indianapolis, July 9-15, 2012

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Water Enhancers-They’re Everywhere

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I love my Mio!! Sparkling Ice? Hmm, now to go find/try it. Thank you L-Jay! : )

L-Jay Health

Many people are looking towards water enhancers to help meet their daily consumption of water. Water enhancers can be very flavorful and indulgent when thirsty.  At one point or another we have all used some type of water flavoring to satisfy our taste buds; heck I am guilty of it. Everyone is talking about the new water enhancers Mio and Spakling Ice, which prompted me to write a post about it. 🙂 Some top name water enhancers include Life Water, Crystal Light, Mio, Sparkling Ice and Vitamin Water to name a few.

In my opinion, using water enhancers are not a bad thing however when used as a primary source of water intake may then become unhealthy. Although many of these enhancers are zero calories many contain sucralose, table sugar, malic acid, citric acids, and even corn syrup. When used in high moderation, our health may be put at risk.

Sucralose= Sucralose is one the…

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Incredible Digital Artworks by Wang Ling

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