Okay, Warning!! This post might have a copious amount of profanity in it. Just a warning, I might have calmed down some since I spoke with my bestie on the phone at lunch. I had him laughing so hard, I had to remind him to breathe. lol 😀

Oh yeah, Happy Friday the 13th! to some this day is evil, to others woohooo, bring it on! Me, I’m middle of the road, not good, not bad. It is what it is.

On the way to work this morning, I’m driving and seeing some signage on the local businesses, and my language translation matrix fried!

“Everythang on sale! Mast go!”

“By NW B4 GN!”

yeah, the last one, the hamster jumped off the wheel… I don’t have a clue???

and then the usual work stuff.

Once again, a road etiquette issue; when you are on a two way street and the lane you are on is closed ahead, you give the right of way to the driver on the open lane. That’s what it says in the Driver License Manual!! OH right….ppl don’t read that! Like turn signals are optional? oy!
Thank goodness, I pay attention when driving. And drive the speed limit, even slower in residential areas. Cause you never know when a child might dart into traffic.

Anywho…I have another app review coming up prob in the next day or so. And I still want to discuss digital reading over paper books. Yes, I am a Bibliophile, and I love to read. But I get so tired of defending the fact that I read digitally now. Honestly, I still read! That has to count for something? IMO it does! lol 😀

later, take care, use your sunblock, wear sunglasses, drink plenty of water! It’s still hot out there!