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Sorry for the brief hiatus – Danielle came back from vacation & we both started new jobs PLUS we have a very exciting project in the works for PYP, so we’ve been extra busy! We’ve missed you guys! We’ve been seeing the saran wrap nails floating around the internet, our favourites/the original by Leeanne Colley & we decided to give them a go. Our local Winners always has random nail polish brands, we recently found a 6 piece mini bottle metallic set by Kleancolor (for $5!), so we went for a metallic saran wrap look.

Step 1: After applying a base coat, paint nails 2 coats of Essie – No Place Like Chrome. The Mirror Metallic collection is now out, see our full collection review here.

Step 2: Rip off a small piece of saran wrap and crunch into a ball. Drab a little pool of your first shade, Kleancolour…

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