So…been having fun getting ready for Monday night. It’s for the 25th anniversary of Star Trek; the next generation. I’ve gotten my uniform out & ironed. And I found my tricorder, yay! Yes, I have a replica tricorder from Star Trek the original series. My uniform is also from TOS.

But, I’ve come up with a fun idea. I’m going to sort my friends into houses. Yes, idea from Harry Potter. I like awarding non-existent points. So far I’ve got Meuggles for my ‘normal’ ppl. Treebie for my friend, David. Supers for my superhero writers, still trying to come up with a name for my artistic friends. Darksyde for another friend. DuctTappa for my Star Wars friends. Oooh, and Olympus for my ultra awesome friends. For those in the Trek group? Help?

So, some people I will sort myself, others you get an opinion. LOL

Fun fun fun! I’m creative, and I like having fun. Ppl that play, have less stress too!

Till later, it’s movie marathon time. Today’s line up; Marvel starting with the first Avenger.
Points to the one that answers correctly. ; )