Monday night was the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek; The Next Generation. And I’ve been chatting with friends on FB, we all met up there. Awesome fun! Lots of fun dressed up ppl.

However, my geeky news, I’m now stationed on a Klingon ship. Yes, in geek circles, this is cool news. And I’ve been promoted from an Ensign to a 2nd Lieutenant. Squee! And I’m the ship’s counselor. No, Klingon’s don’t need a counselor. The other non-Klingon’s do however. lol
If you would like to join in on the fun. Please leave a comment and I’ll post the 411. There is more to a Klingon than what you see on tv. Most of the one’s I know are very nice, respectable people. We do a lot of various charity work as well. This isn’t all about being a geek, it’s about having Honor and Respect for all! (Ok the last is my opinion.)

We are an open ship, meaning you can apply to be a member. Most of the discussions are on FB. There is from what I understand an occasional meeting. And we are gearing up to be at SBI-Starbase Indy. Which is also cool in the Geek world. Starbase Indy is held Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s a fan run convention. I’ve been there most every year, and it is a different experience than other conventions I’ve been to in the Trek geekdom. Starbase I would love to see/meet some of you there.

Pix from the event on Monday soonish. 😀

Peace & Long Life!