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Merry Meet everyone and Blessed Blue Moon!  This is just a quick post as I have been very busy with lots of things!  Seems everyone I know is really busy right now.  The Wheel is turning, Summer is winding down and Autumn looms ahead (Thank Goddess!).   My family and I have been busy preparing to put our house on the market and to get ready for vacation to Florida.  Verbena Lane Botanicals has been busy enough too.  The best part…that while I’m busy…I feel great too..a real blessing!

So tomorrow at 9:58 am it is officially the Full Blue Moon.   There won’t be another Blue Moon until July 31, 2015!  So I encourage you to make the most of the amazing energy and power found on this special Full Moon!  The Blue Moon is a great time for for setting high goals and intentions.  Use this power on the big…

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#17 All Time Favorite Post- A Great Story With No Words

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thank you for this!

allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe

This is the kind of  stuff that helps renew ones faith in the  human  race.

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PAX, Prints, and more!



Aaron McConnell

Starting today, Friday August 31, I am attending PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington to assist the Fire Opal Media folks promote 13th Age and the expansion book 13 True Ways currently kickstarting.  What is PAX Prime?  Your Answer.

I’ve brought 40 prints with me for sale at the Gamma Ray Games booth.  There are ten 11″ x 14″ prints each of the 4  images I’ve shown here, and Lee Moyer and I will be available to sign them from 2-4pm on Friday and Saturday.

And there’s a rumor that I’ll be Icon Sketching as time allows.  We’ll see how it goes.  I hope to see you there!

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Hospital Heroes

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aka, Help my friend, Dustin on his amazing tour!


Dustin explains it all pretty succinctly on the site.
And for other ways to help; Facebook page

Dustin’s goal as I’ve been following him on Facebook, is to visit a LOT of children in hospitals in every state, in the continental United States. However this takes money. And he’s doing an awesome job cheering kids up, who wouldn’t want to see Superman?

Please, if you can donate, even a dollar, it will definitely help make a child’s day. From this geek, to all my geek friends, let’s send a fellow Geek Ambassador around to visit the kid’s. I’ve heard from a nurse friend of mine, that she hopes Superman stops at the local children’s hospital in Indianapolis. So many children look up to the idea of Superman! 🙂

If you can’t donate, help spread the word, garner support. contact your local radio stations, let’s help Dustin get the buzz going! He’ll be at Dragon con this weekend promoting the tour!


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bleh…not a bad day, I worked day shift, I was productive. So that’s all good.

And omg, when is the first freeze due? I have been getting a headache every day. It doesn’t feel like a sinus headache, but it’s aggravating and annoying. Today, I came home to take a nap. And it took the edge off…but it’s still here. ugh 😦

And the fibro is picking up, so hopefully that means that the change of seasons is close. Always seems to get worse right between the two big seasons. From Summer to Fall, and from Winter to Spring. I just know that’s when I get more flare up’s of pain. 😦 I love the change of seasons, really! I always have, and Fall has always been my favorite season, watching the change in nature. 🙂

other than that, I’ve been writing with my co-writer, and I really love that! And bugging him that we need to go back to the original ‘chapters’ and move them along as we planned, as well as I need to go into the other wip’s and see what needs to be completed. WE have close to twenty or more stories in stages…ack! LOL
for a type A personality like me, that’s like um….O M G !

so time to go write. Later, take care!

And now for something different…

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So I’m in a chatty mood…or I’m trying to be.

And no complaint’s, no whine’s, and no idea for a blog…except this one.
Ask. Yep, ask me something, I’ll answer it. But beware, the answer may be a smart alecky, or a real answer. But bring it on, let’s do something different today!

on the photoblog, I’ll be uploading some lovely images, I use some of these for mediation purposes, or to distract my mind for a bit.

c’mon, ask! You know you have a question you want to ask me. 🙂


Thank you, Marc!


Here’s a brief lesson on thesis statements titled “What’s the Point?” Anyone who’s an educator (or just thinks this lesson is worth sharing) should feel free to use it! I do, however, suggest watching it in full-screen mode, as some of the print is small.

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This is my Body

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a video that I find very interesting and wanted to share with you all.
Special thank you to my friend, that found it on you tube for me. 🙂

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Who remembers Katy Keene?


From Wikipedia;

Source: bla
Katy Keene, a character created by Bill Woggon, has appeared in several comic book series published by Archie Comics since 1945. She is a model/actress/singer known as America’s Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions.

Her comics were interactive in that readers were encouraged to submit original drawings of outfits and accessories for her and her friends to wear, as well as designs for automobiles, homes, interiors, rocket ships, trailers and boats. These designs were used in the comics with credit given to published submissions. Many issues featured paper dolls of Katy in various costumes. The character was ranked 57th in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” list.

I used to love the paper dolls that came in the comics. Heck, I even made my own dresses at the time. And yes, that is before I knew it was bad to cut stuff out of your comics. 🙂 The stories never really stuck with me, it was more the art. The dolls, and fantastic outfits. And as a kid, it was more appropriate for me, than say, Batman. LOL oh so mom thought. She also approved of those romance comics, that I thought was weird. I mean seriously, have you ever read one of them? OY VEY! lol

And I found some cute pix of Katy to share! Enjoy!

and it would seem I’m not the only one that saw a connection here…

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