So yesterday, I exercised my First Amendment right and discussed how I feel about the whole bigot chicken fiasco.

Today, I’ve received email and a nasty phone call, informing me, “You Pinko Commie Bitch, you’re gonna burn in Hell!”

Okay! Yes, I actually find this amusing! First Communism=socialism, right? In a general speaking way. So since I am a Liberal Democrat, I am for socialism, so therefore calling me a pinko commie is not going to hurt me! Seriously, I think it’s hilarious as hell.

ohhh, nice segue way there, as to me burning in Hell. First, you have to believe in a hell, and that is a Christian belief. I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a Christian, I’m a Wiccan. Therefore, I don’t believe in a Hell, and blah blah blah. And with that being said, please if you want to pray for my soul, feel free. But spar me the religious rhetoric. Thank you!

I do pray with/for friends, as that is their beliefs. I have asked if they prefer me praying for them, or adding them to my healing circle. And if someone is really in need for health reasons, then they don’t really care. As long as someone cares enough to think of them, they are usually very appreciative.

So, call me a pinko commie, call me a Bitch, tell me I’m going to burn in hell. I’ll laugh in your face. As to being called a Bitch, yes. I know that is true. I don’t sit and cower, I stand up for myself and others. I have an opinion, and I voice it. I also agree to disagree, because I’m an adult. If someone presents me with references, research journal articles, or empirical science. OMG! I might change my mind. But using religious dogma is not a way to get me to be completely open-minded.

I really want to thank my enlightened friends that are open to having intelligent conversations, and agreeing to disagree. Hugs & Air Kisses to ya’ll!!