OKay, so I think mother nature cheated me… LOL

I’m a curvy girl, but without a lot of the top curves! Or in plain simple English, my breasts aren’t in relation to the rest of the curves.

so…when I find a cute dress on a website for curvy girlies, there’s no way I can just blindly order it. Because guess what? It’s not going to fit up top! sighs…. are there other curvy girlies with this issue?

also I wear a size 12 shoe. Where are all the cute, stylish shoes for me??? Arrrgh!

I’m sorry, I’m just having a fashion melt down today! lol there’s a few functions coming up in my life, and I want to look cute! easy peasy…

my newest fave site to sit and browse through is the Domino Dollhouse and I want to know where they get their hair?? And some of the lipsticks. What? Blue can be cute. LOL Yeah, I’m not a normal girlie in any shape of the word. I always stay I’m a Geeky Chic kinda girlie. I’d definitely go through Penelope Garcia’s closet on Criminal Minds. Love her style!! 🙂

anywho, it’s raining here. YAY! 😀
stay dry, hydrate and be happy!
more pix on the phlog shortly… I’ve been posting quite a few there the past couple of days, not my own. But of other pix, I find amusing, pretty, cute and awwwww dorable. 😀