Happy Happy Humpday! lol 😀

Nothing to exciting happening here, unless you want to know the plans that I have for the weekend? Cleaning! lol meh 😦

Hubs has informed me that if I get the room done this weekend, he plans on building me a Tardis cabinet. oooooh! Now that’s how to motivate a geek girl! And…if I’m really good, then I’ll get a Monster High/Witchy dollhouse too! He builds these, we don’t buy them. On the phlog I’ll put up some of his work that he’s done.

I remember one time, I wanted some of those sand candles. LOL That was a mess, but fun too. And instead of candles, he did some really cool wax sculptures. Yes, photos of them too. I need to take a lot of pix, in between cleaning.

and for those that read this, that are friends on facebook, yeah, I’ll fire up the laptop tomorrow night. I’m already fighting with my body to stay here, and hence I’ve bribed it with the promise of my nice, comfy bed with Criminal Minds tonight. I hate my fibro flare ups. I still think lately it’s from the change in the weather. Once the first frost hits, I should be fine. I prefer the colder climes! The heat and humidity drains my energy, makes me snarkier- yes, there are times I can be quite the snarky bitch. It’s not pretty at all. And the heat/humidity causes me to have far more flares. UGH 😦

Also the added stress of my PTSD flashback last Friday hasn’t helped either. And no, I’m not going there at the mo. It’s still to fresh in my head, and I don’t need to trigger another one like that. I’m lucky I stopped the car at Hub’s work. I could’ve ended up in another state. The fight or flight really hits me hard, and I don’t like to fight. So I drive until I can’t drive anymore. Thank goodness, I stopped. I’m semi-fine now, still a little sensitive to some things. And that’s why I haven’t been posting a lot of ‘serious’ stuff on fb. More funny and geeky stuff. Need the fluff at the moment.

so I’ll be posting some more cute funny pix I’ve found around the web on the phlog, and then I’ll post some of Hub’s work as soon as I snap them. 🙂

till later, stay cool and hydrated.