Yesterday was Gen Con, and thanks to a wonderful friend, I found myself with tix for the hubs and I. YAY!
Lots of fun, and omg more fun!

I did get some shopping in, and I kept to a limit!

Words of advice to vendors; Please don’t whine about going home with all your merchandise. The economy sucks, but so do some of the prices of some of the vendors there. When people have to purchase the tix to get in, and believe me that’s not cheap…then price according to the audience.

Also ensure your table has a good mix of products. If you are at a con with various fandoms, try to incorporate something from each of the fandoms. If you are a ‘specialty’ vendor, fine. Awesome!! I loved all the Steam-punk specialty vendors. However, the one I did business with, had merchandise for every one’s budget. He’d even help you stay in a budget tier. And if you couldn’t get it at the show, he worked out arrangements with some people, now that’s a good and smart businessman! 🙂

there was a gentleman there, that when asked if he had a card that I could business with later, replied, “NO! This isn’t my day job. I only do this for my freaky cousin. I’d much rather be anywhere but here.” Well, guess what, he didn’t get any of my business/money. First rule of business, don’t insult your buyers!! I have an option, to purchase and be insulted, or go next door, and be thanked for my business. Boy your cousin must’ve been desperate…

and from another vendor, “Man these freaks are cheap with their money!” Again! Why are you here, if you can’t stand to be surrounded by people that enjoy cosplay, and having fun. Even the local hotels had staff that were dressed up. Yeah, I wandered through one of them. The staff was having fun. Now if I need a hotel in Indy, I know where I’m staying. 🙂

*** I took the cards of those that were being rude to customers. At this moment, I won’t be publishing their names. But I won’t be shopping your sites. I will on the other hand post those sites of the artist’s and vendor’s that were exceptionally nice, pleasant and enjoyed interacting with people.

Now with that being said, the artisians that were there, had some lovely merchandise, and believe me, I could’ve gone nuts, if I had an unlimited budget. lol But I looked and found some nice pieces and they worked with me. “If you buy the two as a set, we’ll throw in ______.” Oh yeah, I bought there! 😀

Anywho, some of the cute stuff I bought;

A ‘poison’ vial

And when it’s open.

A little Maneki Neko charm

and the cute little hat, Front and then back view:

Something money didn’t buy! My favorite photo, and I will be having this printed and framed. I love it!!

Again, a special hug and shout out to my wonderful friend, Cathy!! Thank you again, and I hope by now, you’re in Texas safe and sound!!