It’s getting to be Fall, and my thoughts are turning to putting together an Altar or two or three. Yeah, one main one for the Holiday of Samhain aka Halloween. And then I have one for me, a Goddess altar, and I’ve put together some geeky altars in the past.

However, when I think of Fall, I think of Halloween/Samhain, and I think kitties. All kitties, not just black cats. Although I miss Sam and Sassy, both of my black kitties. 😦

So for the Goddess altar, I was thinking of placing a statue of Bast on it. And while I was doing my research, I found out she’s Not just an Egyptian Goddess. I have never really done a lot of research on the Egyptian Pantheon, I have always preferred the Greek. Stories, of Zeus, Perseus, Demeter, and so and so on. If one looks with open minds, one may find that some of the stories could be relevant for today, metaphorically speaking of course. I don’t know of any cyclops running around.

So…back to what I started.

Bastet, aka Bast, aka Ailuros.
Once worshipped as an Egyptian Goddess, Daughter of Amun Ra. She was once a Sun Goddess. With a festival and her temple in the city of Bubastis. Which once was the capital of Egypt.

When the Greeks appeared to be taking over the world, and when Bast had changed from a Lion Headed Goddess to a Cat headed Goddess, the Greeks associated her with the Moon, and thus changed her name to Ailuros. Which according to some research articles, was a name for cats. (No confirmation yet.)

I really like this idea. But hmm? Wonder why? Those that know me, more than definitely understand.

And now, for some pretty pictures. And you can see the blending of the Egyptian/Greek in one or two of the pictures. So very lovely!

What most of us think of when we see the name Bast.

Starting the change from a Lion headed Goddess to a Cat headed Goddess.

and the newest piece of art I could find, and ooooh!

So…do you know of other Goddesses from various Pantheon’s that have been ‘changed’ to the one Pantheon that was ‘currently’ in charge?
I’m on the lookout for more Goddesses that have been in more than just one Pantheon. I just find this fascinating. 🙂