bleh…not a bad day, I worked day shift, I was productive. So that’s all good.

And omg, when is the first freeze due? I have been getting a headache every day. It doesn’t feel like a sinus headache, but it’s aggravating and annoying. Today, I came home to take a nap. And it took the edge off…but it’s still here. ugh 😦

And the fibro is picking up, so hopefully that means that the change of seasons is close. Always seems to get worse right between the two big seasons. From Summer to Fall, and from Winter to Spring. I just know that’s when I get more flare up’s of pain. 😦 I love the change of seasons, really! I always have, and Fall has always been my favorite season, watching the change in nature. 🙂

other than that, I’ve been writing with my co-writer, and I really love that! And bugging him that we need to go back to the original ‘chapters’ and move them along as we planned, as well as I need to go into the other wip’s and see what needs to be completed. WE have close to twenty or more stories in stages…ack! LOL
for a type A personality like me, that’s like um….O M G !

so time to go write. Later, take care!