aka, Help my friend, Dustin on his amazing tour!


Dustin explains it all pretty succinctly on the site.
And for other ways to help; Facebook page

Dustin’s goal as I’ve been following him on Facebook, is to visit a LOT of children in hospitals in every state, in the continental United States. However this takes money. And he’s doing an awesome job cheering kids up, who wouldn’t want to see Superman?

Please, if you can donate, even a dollar, it will definitely help make a child’s day. From this geek, to all my geek friends, let’s send a fellow Geek Ambassador around to visit the kid’s. I’ve heard from a nurse friend of mine, that she hopes Superman stops at the local children’s hospital in Indianapolis. So many children look up to the idea of Superman! 🙂

If you can’t donate, help spread the word, garner support. contact your local radio stations, let’s help Dustin get the buzz going! He’ll be at Dragon con this weekend promoting the tour!