On October 2nd, my ISP is shut off! One the cost went up over $100, ridiculous. And then, when I was calling and talking with a rep, who spent at least twenty minutes yelling at me. I informed them with this type of service, they don’t get my money.

At this time, I have till Monday to play on the net at home. And then….

I still have my iPhone so I can still check email’s, update facebook, call people. But there are a few things I’m not going to be able to do. I have an iPad and a laptop, and there are hotspots that I can use. So I’m not disappearing entirely. And there are things to do without an internet. I can still live an interesting life, and I might even use it as part of a blog entry. A week without a net.
I can read, still write, and even use the computer for other things. like solitaire, mahjong. LOL

And in my mind, this is temporary. I’m not gone, just on a bit of a hiatus. And like I said, it’s only at home, that I won’t have a net connection. To those that have written me email’s, messages, etc. Thank you! I’m not gone… Hugs!!


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so it would appear I’m missing replies to comments I’ve made on other blogs here. send me a link and I’ll reply… I’m going to look on the laptop later at home. There is a HUGE diff between an IE and a Chrome browser. I use Chrome at home. 🙂


busy busy busy

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seems to be a continuous theme lately…

and in other news, would someone please tell my sinuses to stop hurting?? thank you!

so I’ve been doing a lot of pix posts on the facebook today. And I’ve offended some people. Okay, one it’s art. Second, the women are not fully nude and if they were, it’s art. Not porn! omg!

so I went to one of the ppl’s pages and checked out his photos…ugh, lost my appetite. This person has gross and gory pix on his fb page. So why are we dissing me? Honestly.

If you don’t like what a person posts you have two options, 1) don’t look, 2) unfriend them. Which is what I’ve been doing. I mean obviously, if they really knew me, they would know this is art and nothing offensive. These are prob the same ppl that have a conniption fit, when they see a mother breast feeding their child in public. Again, that’s not offensive, that’s natural. What? Breasts are meant for nursing our young. Get over your juvenile thought patterns.


so any who, how is everyone? I’m good. The headache not withstanding. And I’m honestly being amused now by all the messages I’m getting on fb.

I’ve been getting requests to help ppl with their halloween makeup, seems Goth is the theme this year in this town. ooooh, spooky. sheesh!
One person I’ve overheard, is going to put on body glitter and be a twilight vampire. okay… seriously?? cause you know, real vampires must be to scary.

oh and speaking of scary I’ve finished my Halloween treat story. YAY! oh yeah, I was writing my yearly Halloween story, and decided to squick myself out. I did so well, I’m in the process of editing and adding in the really scary stuff. It freaked me out when I was first writing it in, and dropped it. However, reading it now, it’s not really scary. So time to add that scene back in, and maybe add in some more scary bits.

oh fyi, squick is a word to use, because I’m usually going oooh that’s scary icky, for time, I shortened it to squick. LOL Yeah, I like making up new words. I’m a writer, sometimes it’s for the story, sometimes it’s for me. Confuzzled yet? LOL Confuzzled, confused? Maybe, Fuzzy? Yeah… so confuzzled, a fuzzy maybe confusion. see easy, right?

And oi! I want some caramel covered apples, apple cider, and a nice big pot pie. Yeah, my fall cravings have started. Some food just tastes better in the fall. I don’t know why? They just do.

Any one ever use Formspring? I’m going to start answering the questions from there on here. I don’t like their format, I can’t get a good reply on it. And honestly, some of the perv’s creep me out. I had a question once, sexually related, about Briana and her tail. Okay… that was um…yeah, I didn’t answer it. Although the smart ass in me, really had a good reply. LOL

okie dokies that is it for now. I’m no longer doing the day to day posting, as it’s just not feasible for me at the mo.

Been busy…

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So no blogging for a bit, and between the sinus headaches and the migraines…I haven’t been able to write, much less concentrate. 😦

But this past week has been my birthday and it was Awesome!! Hubs fixed me a birthday cake and brought it in, it was gone in less than an hour. LOL 😀 everyone appears to like his baking. It was delicious. He used the White Chocolate indulgence cream cheese as the middle between the layers. OMG! So sinfully good!! 🙂

Then my friend, Tari brought in the second birthday cake, Better than Sex cake. OMG! That was soo good.
I only had a little bit. But that was more than enough.

And then, I thought about it, OMG! I had two birthday cakes. How awesome is that?? Love & Hugs to Hubs and Tari!!

Then I received a very lovely present from my friend, Vickie! She knows I love the Monster High Dolls! lol

Isn’t she pretty? I love those wings! 🙂

And it was a wonderful birthday!! So many lovely wishes on my Facebook stream and in email’s. I love my friends. 😀

The next day, I received an amazon gift card via email. How sweet! I’ve been trying to order some books on there. Imagine my surprise, when I saw that a book for a penny, was going to cost me six dollars in shipping? I mean, wth? No. So I’m still looking.

I also received another surprise from another friend in the mail. The note inside read; “She kinda acts like a Bitch, you know, like you. LMAO! love you!!”

Another Monster High Doll!! Yippeee Skippeee!!!

I had the day off today, for a medical appointment. Ugh 😦
I woke up this morning, with a sinus headache, it started last night. I took some night time sinus meds and was able to sleep. But this morning woke up with a headache. I went to my appt and after the procedure and the not so nice clinician…it turned into a full blown migraine. It skipped Categories 1-3, and went straight to four! woohoo not! 😦

On the way home, I stopped and got some coffee. Helped a bit, and I made it home. I had another package waiting on me, but the bed was calling me. I needed a nap. When I woke up, hubs was home, and informed me that his coworkers got us a gift certificate to my favorite chinese restaurant; Teppenyaki. Woot! so we went to have dinner. Really good!!

We’re back home now, and I’m enjoying a cup of coffee, it’s storming outside, and the headache is slowly going away. YAY!! And I’ve opened the package. No card, no note… so Thank you to the lovely wonderful person that gave this to me?? She’s Awesome!!

WooHOOOOO! one more and I have this whole set!! 😀 why yes, I am a big kid. Thank you for noticing. lol

so the headache is slowly going away, and I’ve been wanting to write some more on the Halloween story I’m working on. 😀 I miss writing on a daily basis. But some days, I need a break from the computer.

Tomorrow is Pagan Pride day in Indy, and unfortunately, I will not be going. I’ll be there in spirit!

September is Pagan Pride month!!

Until tomorrow, since I’ve missed a few days, I’ll be blogging tomorrow. 😀

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