On October 2nd, my ISP is shut off! One the cost went up over $100, ridiculous. And then, when I was calling and talking with a rep, who spent at least twenty minutes yelling at me. I informed them with this type of service, they don’t get my money.

At this time, I have till Monday to play on the net at home. And then….

I still have my iPhone so I can still check email’s, update facebook, call people. But there are a few things I’m not going to be able to do. I have an iPad and a laptop, and there are hotspots that I can use. So I’m not disappearing entirely. And there are things to do without an internet. I can still live an interesting life, and I might even use it as part of a blog entry. A week without a net.
I can read, still write, and even use the computer for other things. like solitaire, mahjong. LOL

And in my mind, this is temporary. I’m not gone, just on a bit of a hiatus. And like I said, it’s only at home, that I won’t have a net connection. To those that have written me email’s, messages, etc. Thank you! I’m not gone… Hugs!!