And what a beautiful Tuesday morning it is here in Central Indiana. It’s been raining, and looks to continue. I’ve found out that the freeze hasn’t happened yet… 😦 But the rain has helped release some of the Sinus headache.

The net, phone & cable at the house is officially dead. I’m a little shocked that it wasn’t working last night. We had it paid for till the second. So that was at Midnight. And I couldn’t get on at all. Hubs did but the connection was bad. He finally gave up and signed off.

anywho… see I’m still here. silly boys! lol 🙂

And I’ve written the Halloween story. YAY! but I’m back in, and doing some edits, and adding in a bit more scary. lol Then hopefully by Halloween, I’ll have it posted for your Trek or Treat! 🙂

until later, I need more [_]> Cheers!