Purrfectly awesome nails! =^.^=


Where does the time go? How is it October already? We’re a little prematurely excited for Halloween & have already begun some Halloween inspired manis! You already know we have a thing for cats, so we thought we’d start off this years Halloween posts with some black cats! Sidenote: Halloween reminded us our 1yr anniversary is coming up – October 26th! We are going to do something special so hang tight 🙂

Step 1: Begin by painting base of your nails with a shade that will pop with the black cats, we used OPI – Do You Lilac It?

Step 2: Paint a half circle off the tip of the nail. Add 2 triangles for ears – we used OPI – Black Onyx.

Step 3: For the eyes – begin with two white almond shape eyes using the Migi Nail Pen.

Step 4: Add the final touches, CND – Green Scene…

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