and I’m a sickie. ugh… 😦

it’s been a beautiful but busy week. And then the flu bug I think bit me. I’m been having body aches, and I’m freezing. I had to turn the temp up in my office. Some ppl noticed and asked if I was feeling ill. Um yep.

But I’m still able to work, and so here I am.

In the free time after my paperwork, I’ve been reading a nice fanfic that a new friend sent me the link to. It’s really a good story. However the Beta reader in me, is flipping out. No matter if this is a fan fic, it should still be polished. Spelling errors, grammatical errors. And my biggest peeve, if someone is in/having a romantic relationship, are you seriously, going to keep calling them by their last name? Drives me nuts!! And it only happens in this arena. I’m reading Stargate fanfic. Over and over, “Sheppard….” or in the older stories I’ve read, “Jackson….” “O’Neill….” OMG, use their first names!

Other than that, it really is a good story. Lots of interesting dialogue, and at the beginning, some really nice intrigue. But the continual spelling does wear thin. One walks into a store, but when you are about to tear someone in two, there is a huge difference. I’m just saying.

I know how much I want to put a story up as soon as I finish, but…there is a reason to have a beta reader. Someone to catch your spelling, your grammatical errors, and to ensure you have the ‘voice’ of your character.

Now with all of that said, I am enjoying this story, and would be more than happy to share it with ya’ll. Just let me know. (Warning, this is close to an X story line)

As I said, it’s been a beautiful week, and yeah, I am starting to miss the internet at home. But…I have been more productive in other ways. And as soon as possible, I hope to start the little series I’ve been writing on.

I hope ya’ll have a beautiful weekend. Enjoy the nice weather!