I have internet at the home again, and thanks to my lil sister for doing the research for me. The Virgin mobile, MIFI is Awesome! I was able to get the overdrive model-faster speed, and so far it’s been awesome! 😀

It connects up to five wireless devices. So that’s both laptops, my iPad, and my iPhone. 🙂 YAY! I was browsing on the iPad last night. Before it was Halloween movie night. Hocus Pocus, Monster High-Ghoul’s rule. And then it was nighty night time. I work days this week, and the flu bug I have, has been really making my body ache bad. Along with the Fibro, my body is exhausted. However no rest for moi yet.

I’ll probably be on the laptop tonight, after I get it all set up. And play catch up on some internet sites.

But for now, I’m just so excited to be back online at home!!

Happy Monday!!