I love it when we have staff meetings and we get exceptionally good news! The second week of January we (my colleague) and I will be starting a new shift- it still bounces back and forth week to week, but this new one! I Love IT! Friday’s alone is awesome, we would work noon to four. Yeah, four hours on the opposite week!! WOOOT! 😀

Just got permission from the boss to talk about it. lol

we will have two ten hour days, two eight hour days and then the four hour Friday. It’s almost enough for me to request the second shift all the time. (Okay, let’s not go completely crazy here…)

anywho, it’s been a busy week. And I’m back looking for an ISP. I have one choice in this area (BFE) and I’m not happy with their service. However, it’s the difference of not having an ISP or having one. I’m willing to see how it goes. Maybe in two years they have improved service. It’s an option. With or without.

We (Hubs) still hasn’t located the Yule tree. I don’t think he’s looking hard enough. Our storage shed isn’t that big. But then again, he’d be the one to put it up and decorate it, so… that could be a factor.

I’m trying really hard to get into the spirit of the season. Well in my own way- I don’t have Christian beliefs so it’s different, than others. But it really is a little difficult. I want more snow. (Ducks paper wads!) And some friendier sale staffs. “Hello? Do you want me to spend money at your business/service?” Honestly…seems to me, that I will be doing more cyber shopping to avoid the rude sales clerks. Used to be feeling consumers, now it’s the people that work at the place. OI!
However, I do have a bit of a winter wonderland going on in my office. And a couple of my friends have added to it. And I’ve been listening to my fave Christmas tunes on the iPhone. Speaking of have ya’ll tried those new rubber speakers? They are really cool, and I just saw where they are $2.39 on ebay. (And at the moment, pic files are NOT showing up. sighs) I’ll attempt later.

Hope your Wednesday is as fabulous as mine’s started!! 🙂