been a week, and I’m sooo happy that it’s just about over. Good news on Wednesday, followed by some not so nice behavior in the work place. Nothing drastically bad, but oi! Your attitude does effect others. Just did some relaxation techniques with two of the people that are working for someone that appears to be pissed off. When that happens, it does effect the entire work flow. People aren’t as productive, make mistakes easier and just don’t want to be here.  ~sighs~


It’s Friday! And I don’t work this weekend!! Woot!!

now with that being said, I do have a lot of domestic goddess gig stuff to do at home, try to decorate for yule, finish organizing the work room, continue to go through some old clothes, fix and repair a few old laptops for selling, and still looking for someone to buy the iPad w/wireless keyboard-case- it’s a good bargain at $200.

So, the first thing I plan on doing tomorrow is sleep in! LOL 😀

Then maybe take a break at Starbuck’s and do an appreciation post or two… yeah, total eyecandy! But what? They still deserve to be appreciated. That’s if the pic function mysteriously starts to work again.  I’ll test it below…oi!

anywho, I’m going to avoid Ms Pris for the rest of the day, if possible, and just do what I need to do. Way easier said, than done. It’s hard to avoid someone that you kinda/sorta need to speak with occasionally. But she’s even been rude to me already. Not a good way to start your work day, and def not a good way to have staff crying in your office due to her behavior. But whatever… at least I’m here to give them strength and a much deserved HUG!

I keep telling people, sometimes a Hug is the best medicine. Have a lovely weekend, if I don’t post later. Take some time for yourself and sing a jolly tune!