Rainy days and Monday

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It’s been a nice Monday, rainy and at 5p it’s getting really foggy out. I went out at 5 and the visibilty wasn’t that bad, it’s 5:30 now and the visibility outside my office is horrible. I will be driving with my fog lights on and at a reduced speed. I’ll also be taking the back way home-less traffic.

Good news the temps are nice. Not overly cold, for me, just right.

Other than the usual Monday stuff, it’s been a good day. This past weekend I had some fun, got the nails done. Pix on the photoblog, and I just vegged out for a bit. No reading, no art, no nada. Just sat and let the mind go… ahhh, bliss! I’ve always had a problem with my mind thinking to much. Constantly rambling in my head, I have a secret that I use to quiet it down to go to sleep and I’ve passed it on to some clients. Who do agree it’s cheesy, but “damn, that does work!” 🙂 If anyone wants to know, leave a comment. I’ll tell.

So I have twenty minutes to go before I hit the road for home, and then I plan on doing some facebook stuff, and maybe some creative stuff or maybe just lie there and watch some Stargate: SG1. 🙂 won’t know till I get there.

Ya’ll be careful! Esp those in foggy areas. And I’m trying NOT to think of the movie, “The Mist.” by Stephen King. Brrr! lol 😛

Quickie lil post


adjusted some settings, and they require a post to help set them. Yeah okie dokies… blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. snorts!!

ooooh is it lunch time, yet? Okie dokies, this should do it. I need more java. [_]> Cheers!

Up and at ’em! It’s Thursday!

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And tomorrow is Friday! woohoo! 😀

Welcome to Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for my friends, the heat in my office, the nice brisk morning, and all the readers of my little bloggie. Awwww! {{{HUGS}}}

I’ve been bugging my online friends with lots and lots of wacky questions, and most of them have been answered. YAY! Now the one about the letter I need written…hm? LOL 😛

Anywho it truly is a beautiful winter morning, it’s been snowing again, so when I walked out the door this morning-it was pretty. Slick, but still pretty. I managed to stay on my feet and not slide across the porch and down the steps. Always a good start to the day! When the cold air hit me as I came out from the shelter of the house, again, Brrr! But woke me right up!! I love cold weather, not necessarily Artic frigid temps, but the cold makes me feel alive! Summer has it’s beauty as well, but I’m a cold weather girlie! Just keep the ice out from under my feet. LOL 😀

I’m itching to do something creative, write, paint, something….so maybe, just maybe I can do a little writing today in between appointments. If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll see what I can doodle or use an app on the phone for some creativity. Yeah, cold weather for me, has a lot of benefits; creative muse is active, not as many Fibro flare-ups, migraines- ah, that’s an iffy. I get those no matter the season. Flu is finally going away and I’m feeling feisty. So smart assness has returned, always a good sign-I lose my sense of humor, I’m in trouble.

So then…I’m off to go check/read email’s, goof on facebook, and see what’s going on for the day. Ya’ll have a beautiful day! Stay warm, stay hydrated, and stay Awesome! Always stay Awesome!!


Woot! Wednesday!

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And Happy Hump Day to you!

My boss bought our lunch today, perk day. I received my cute little certificate thingie that I’ve been here for three years. As of today, it’s been three years and two months. But hey, still good!! 🙂

It’s still cold here, but not arctic chills like yesterday. I still have my coat and gloves, and I’m thinking some ear muffs would be good too.

And I’ve hit a wall…nothing really to vent about, nothing that I’ve got to share at the mo. I have started an interesting little series, okay, I started it back in October, and I still have to find the notebook, but when I do, I’ll be typing it up and putting it on the blog.

and wow! Seriously, my mind is a blank…cool, I finally get it. LOL Meditation, can’t make my mind quiet, and writing this now, it’s a total blank. lol :p

anywho, ya’ll have a great day! Stay warm, stay hydrated and stay Awesome!! 😀

ugh ugh ugh & Happy Tuesday!


so last week, I wasn’t feeling to good, and then Thursday the flu bug really hit me. Thank goodness I had a three day weekend, and Friday was a four hour work day. Because I went home and stayed in bed. Drinking plenty of fluids, taking my Tylenol- to reduce the fever and help with the body aches. Stayed covered up, even though it was driving me buggy. And chilled out playing on the iPad and watching boxed sets. I’m thinking of watching Stargate all ten seasons, next. 😀 No cable, and can’t get local tv…so woohoo for boxed sets!

And I did check the weather last night, they weren’t kidding, it was 3 degrees out this morning. Nice brisk wake up! I put on my coat and gloves!! Yeah punkins, it’s that cold out there. Please be careful if you live in Indiana or another cold state.

And keep an eye on the photo blog, I’ll be posting some new ones from when I was sick later.

Please stay warm, stay hydrated, watch out for your neighbors, and have a great short week-if you got one that is.


New Year- New schedule


Yesterday was my first day on our new second shift schedule, not to bad. I nearly worked through my lunch, and it was nice leaving an hour after everyone else. So…so far not so bad. Today is a ten hour day, I get off at 8p. I’m used to getting up early and staying up a little later. So hopefully it won’t be all that bad.

I got home last night to Hubs working in my room. He’s taken a wardrobe and has added to it, nice! I’ll have to take some pix to share. We’re still working on some things and he’s listening to my ideas. And of course, I’m listening to his too. It’s a two way street.

Been posting some more wallies on my photo blog. I do take requests…and some of my friends have been requesting the John Sheppard wallies, hence why there are so many of them. lol 🙂 He’s a popular guy!!

I hope to find my writing muse soon…I do miss writing. Just still having some issues with memory and I kinda need to know where the heck I was going on this story. I did write an outline, but then my co-writer and I kinda took it off on a mild tangent…where/what were we doing? I’m sure it was brilliant. lol :p

anywho, it’s Tuesday and what a beautiful day it is. Enjoy!!



While playing on my phone at lunch, reading what’s new on facebook. I have come to the realization that some groups (people) have NO sense of humor. I mean for crying out loud. Some things are funny. Yes, okay, they might seem a little off key, but to go off on the person that posted it, get over yourself. So you’re offended, at what? The picture was truly innocuous. Do what I do, blog about it, problem solved. You got it off your chest, and if you look like an idiot, well…giggle at yourself later. I do! 🙂

anywho…I’m trying to share the love today, and some other people are making it difficult…again on the facebook. but you know what? Screw them! They can unfriend me (waaaah…), or they can ignore me for the day. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m a Smartass! I don’t intend to harm anyone, and I will apologize if someone really really takes a true hit from it. But really…smartasses make the day a lot brighter. Without us, there would be far more ppl punched in the face. Think about it, sarcasm or bodily injury?? I vote for sarcasm, it’s free- no legal fees attached. Just watch where you use it, and to whom. Boss, supervisor, yeah! not a good idea, unless you have that other awesome job lined up.

stop hating on the smartasses, and for crying out loud, please get a sense of humor! not my readers, ya’ll wouldn’t be here if ya didn’t love the awesomeness that is moi! LOL HUGS

TGIF yay

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It’s been an interesting week, the weather has changed from snow to rain. It’s not bad, it’s just interesting. Then a lot of no shows at work, made my days slow, but occasionally it’s nice to have a slow day! Then the idiot doctor’s appointment the other day, I was ready to call it a week after that.

My creative muse has been getting happy again. I have realized I never posted my Halloween story with Cadet Briana Storm- any interest in my posting it? I’m going to, but I can wait a bit… just want to know if there’s any interest? I had that accident/injury that has caused some memory loss, so I literally forgot. I’m going through my notes now to hopefully start writing again, Goddess knows I have quite a few to finish. And then I keep getting Gate Bunnies. Yeah, bunnies for stargate fic. I dunno about that??? But I have been keeping creative with the iPad. YAY! 😀 making little wallpapers, I call ’em wallies. Why? because it’s cute. LOL and why not.

I’ve been posting these wallies to my facebook group, and to my photo blog. so if you’re not on facebook and wanna see ’em, go to my photoblog oh yeah, a few of these are meant for Adults!! they show um…breasts! omg! Not those!! if you missed it, that’s sarcasm. But yeah, not all my friends are straight, so I am equal opportunity, I post breasts of both sexes. LOL 😀

I have a plan for a few cute ones today! we’ll see how that works for me? 😛

Anywho it’s a lovely rainy day, yes, I like rainy days! I’d like it even better with a view from my bed, with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and the movie of my choice playing, or even some classical music. Doozing on and off, getting up and shuffling around in my jammies…. oh yeah, I know what I’m doing on Saturday! LOL 😉 absolutely nothing!

Ya’ll have an awesome day! Go check out the photo blog… laters

to watch later…

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Argh! Doctor appt


Oi! I thought when one sees the doctor, you get to ask questions, and explain your issue. Silly me.

This doctor was telling me ALL my issues stem around ONE issue.

Well alrighty then. Damn! I should’ve seen him years ago!

And he was the doctor, and there are no others to him. Ummm, this dude is a neurologist. And he was a rude, obstinate, smart ass ( not in a good way ). Seriously, we didn't cover squat that I went there to see him. Oh! And he wanted to cancel ALL my other meds, to give me the ONE that will cure me. Yes, he wanted to cancel my blood pressure meds! Um hello! really? Cure me, with only one med, after one visit, and you didn’t cover all my medical issues. Oh my freaking Goddess!

So yeah, this might have been a huge waste of time. I’m so calling my PCP tomorrow. PCP= primary care provider.

I hope y’all had a good day!

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