Oi! I thought when one sees the doctor, you get to ask questions, and explain your issue. Silly me.

This doctor was telling me ALL my issues stem around ONE issue.

Well alrighty then. Damn! I should’ve seen him years ago!

And he was the doctor, and there are no others to him. Ummm, this dude is a neurologist. And he was a rude, obstinate, smart ass ( not in a good way ). Seriously, we didn't cover squat that I went there to see him. Oh! And he wanted to cancel ALL my other meds, to give me the ONE that will cure me. Yes, he wanted to cancel my blood pressure meds! Um hello! really? Cure me, with only one med, after one visit, and you didn’t cover all my medical issues. Oh my freaking Goddess!

So yeah, this might have been a huge waste of time. I’m so calling my PCP tomorrow. PCP= primary care provider.

I hope y’all had a good day!