While playing on my phone at lunch, reading what’s new on facebook. I have come to the realization that some groups (people) have NO sense of humor. I mean for crying out loud. Some things are funny. Yes, okay, they might seem a little off key, but to go off on the person that posted it, get over yourself. So you’re offended, at what? The picture was truly innocuous. Do what I do, blog about it, problem solved. You got it off your chest, and if you look like an idiot, well…giggle at yourself later. I do! 🙂

anywho…I’m trying to share the love today, and some other people are making it difficult…again on the facebook. but you know what? Screw them! They can unfriend me (waaaah…), or they can ignore me for the day. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m a Smartass! I don’t intend to harm anyone, and I will apologize if someone really really takes a true hit from it. But really…smartasses make the day a lot brighter. Without us, there would be far more ppl punched in the face. Think about it, sarcasm or bodily injury?? I vote for sarcasm, it’s free- no legal fees attached. Just watch where you use it, and to whom. Boss, supervisor, yeah! not a good idea, unless you have that other awesome job lined up.

stop hating on the smartasses, and for crying out loud, please get a sense of humor! not my readers, ya’ll wouldn’t be here if ya didn’t love the awesomeness that is moi! LOL HUGS