It’s been an interesting week, the weather has changed from snow to rain. It’s not bad, it’s just interesting. Then a lot of no shows at work, made my days slow, but occasionally it’s nice to have a slow day! Then the idiot doctor’s appointment the other day, I was ready to call it a week after that.

My creative muse has been getting happy again. I have realized I never posted my Halloween story with Cadet Briana Storm- any interest in my posting it? I’m going to, but I can wait a bit… just want to know if there’s any interest? I had that accident/injury that has caused some memory loss, so I literally forgot. I’m going through my notes now to hopefully start writing again, Goddess knows I have quite a few to finish. And then I keep getting Gate Bunnies. Yeah, bunnies for stargate fic. I dunno about that??? But I have been keeping creative with the iPad. YAY! 😀 making little wallpapers, I call ’em wallies. Why? because it’s cute. LOL and why not.

I’ve been posting these wallies to my facebook group, and to my photo blog. so if you’re not on facebook and wanna see ’em, go to my photoblog oh yeah, a few of these are meant for Adults!! they show um…breasts! omg! Not those!! if you missed it, that’s sarcasm. But yeah, not all my friends are straight, so I am equal opportunity, I post breasts of both sexes. LOL 😀

I have a plan for a few cute ones today! we’ll see how that works for me? 😛

Anywho it’s a lovely rainy day, yes, I like rainy days! I’d like it even better with a view from my bed, with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and the movie of my choice playing, or even some classical music. Doozing on and off, getting up and shuffling around in my jammies…. oh yeah, I know what I’m doing on Saturday! LOL 😉 absolutely nothing!

Ya’ll have an awesome day! Go check out the photo blog… laters